21 Signs Pajamas Are Your Significant Other

All I need in this life of sin are me and my jammies.

1. Your number one desire is to be wrapped in the loving arms of your onesie.

2. Pajamas bring you comfort when you’re having a bad day.

3. They eliminate the stress in your life with their soft, cozy fabric.

4. You’d rather hang out with your pajamas than your friends.

Via Miramax Films / cinemaholics.se

Are friends made of soft fabrics?

5. They’re your first thought of the day, and your last thought before you tuck into bed.

Via Walt Disney Pictures / media.giphy.com

6. You can’t wait to come home to your pajamas after spending your day stuck in classes.

Via NBC / uproxx.com

7. You’d never give up your pajamas to wear jeans or dresses.

8. You threat anyone who insults the pattern or color of your pajamas.

Via Warner Bros. Pictures / glooriavictis.tumblr.com

9. You write a song celebrating the undying love you have for seasonal jammies.

“XMas Jammies” by The Holderness Family.

10. You’d travel any distance in the world if it meant spending all your days in pajamas.

Via CBS / runmum.com

11. They’re the perfect companion for a lazy day at home.

Via Fox / fanpop.com

Collared shirts and jackets don’t really do the trick.

12. You have several pet names for your pajamas.

Via Kayla Yandoli / centsationalgirl.com

13. You spend Friday and Saturday nights together on the couch.

Or on the floor.

14. When you wear jeans you feel like you’re cheating on pajamas.

Via Fox / gurl.com

15. When you lose your pajamas in the laundry, you feel like you lose a part of yourself.

16. You’re not embarrassed to be seen with pajamas at Starbucks.

A little PDA never hurt anybody.

17. It’s not a big deal if you spill on your PJs.

18. You look damn good together.

19. Pajamas are the perfect cuddle buddy.

Via Walt Disney Pictures / awkwardlifeisawesome.tumblr.com

20. It’s hard to imagine yourself wearing other items of clothing.

Via New Line Cinema / data1.whicdn.com

21. Because they don’t give you the level of comfort that pajamas do.

Via NBC / rapgenius.com

Thanks for the endless love, jammies.

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