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21 Fran Fine GIFs That Perfectly Describe How You're Feeling

If there's anyone who understands the emotional roller coaster, it's the flashy girl from Flushing.

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1. Aww you're too kind!

2. I will cut you.

3. BLURGH stop annoying me.

4. Uhhh ohhhh.

5. Everything is normal.

6. Oh no you didn't.

7. Mhm, I know I'm right. I'm gonna let this sink in for a while.

8. How does my hair look? Good? Are you sure?

9. My life is over.

10. Kindly get out of my way.

11. Really?!?

12. I'm coming for ya, world!

13. He he he, good things are happening.

14. Oh... my... GOD.

15. I feel so uncomfortable right now.

16. Not listening to the stupidity coming out of your mouth.

17. Help... I need so much help right now.

18. I'm officially going bonkers.

19. You have got to be kidding me.

20. People are the WORST.

21. Damn I'm fabulous.

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