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23 Of Dean Pelton's Best Puns On "Community"

Dean-droppings that make Communi-dean so damn dean-tastic.

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1. His 1950s housewife impression.

2. As Jeff's boxing ring girl.

3. Calming down Greendale students during registration for "History of Ice Cream."

4. Dean Pelton's reminder for daylight savings...

...and for Feline AIDS Awareness Day.

5. Railroad Conduct-dean.

6. His greetings in the study room are legen-deany.

7. The Dean singing a sweet lullaby to Troy and Abed.

8. Sometimes he goes beyond the "Dean" puns.

Via Tumblr

9. In his office during serious situations.

10. When the Dean has to make an announcement to the study group.

11. And when he comes to save the day, Dean style.

12. Dean Pelton usually puns with a costume.

13. But when things get serious, the feather boas are thrown to the side.

14. But Dean Pelton could never abandon his status as Greendale's fashionista for too long.

15. He sings beautiful Christmas Carols,

and celebrates Hallo-dean!

16. When he tells you a secret, you must never talk about it with anyone else.

17. But usually he's as open as a book.

18. Dean Pelton always asks how your day is going.

The dean cares.

19. Jeff tries to get away with Dean puns…

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Via Youtube


...and he does, because he's Jeff.

20. Dean Pelton hosts a kickass version of The Hunger Games at Greendale.

21. When Greendale students are rude to the Dean, he gets pretty upset...

...but he soon bounces back, with a Dean-tastic pun.

22. He creates songs that rhyme with his "Dean" status at the college.

23. And tries to convince Greendale to add a salad bar to the cafeteria.

Greendale students might not always support the dean,

but that will never stop him from making puns.


Via Tumblr

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