18 TV Apartments And Houses You Wish You Lived In

Yes, even the Bluth Model Home.

1. Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s apartment from Friends.

You know you want the periwinkle walls and the yellow frame on the door.

2. The Huxtable’s house from The Cosby Show.

Yes it’s the 1980s, but how can anyone hate the couch where Cliff takes naps? It’s so flowery and so wonderfully cozy.

3. Ted Mosby’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother.

The funky wall art and decor is what every twentysomething longs for, not to mention the legen…wait for it…dary swords.

4. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City.

A walk-in closet and an oven to store shoes? Sounds good to me.

5. Mary Richards’ apartment from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Everything about this apartment is amazing. The legendary letter M hanging on the wall, the closed-off kitchen, the awesome two-level setup, and the pull-out couch that turns into a bed.

We all want Mary’s ’70s apartment, Oprah included.

6. Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston’s loft from New Girl.

The space… the sectional couch… the communal bathroom… the space… the brick walls… need it NOW!

7. Eric Forman’s house from That ’70s Show.

Forman has the coolest basement EVER. The wooden wheel table, Hyde’s white chair, and the psychedelic posters are genius, man.

8. Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from Seinfeld.

We all wish we could hang in Jerry’s place and talk about nothing on the blue couch.

9. The Bluth Model Home from Arrested Development.

Because living in a model home without sturdy furniture and with Blue Man Group handprints everywhere can be fun.

10. The boarding house from Hey Arnold!

I don’t know anyone who would refuse Arnold’s insanely awesome attic setup. A window ceiling right above your bed just to daydream? Perfect.

11. Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter’s apartment from The Big Bang Theory.

So many shelves stacked with books, a giant telescope, the double helix model. A kickass apartment for ALL the nerds!

12. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia’s house from The Golden Girls.

As bright as the colors are, it’s hard to resist the Floridian patterns and bamboo living room set. And the lanai where they have old lady heart-to-hearts.

13. The Brady’s house from The Brady Bunch.

This ’70s pad has so much style it’s not even fair. The wall-to-wall rugs, the green and orange painted walls, the humongous fireplace, and the epic staircase are too darn groovy to handle.

14. Don Draper’s apartment from Mad Men.

I know you have your eyes on the green funky curtains. Plus look at all of the space… big enough to throw swingin’ parties… damn you, Draper!

15. The Cohen’s house from The O.C.

What I would give to live in a pool house all by myself. In California. All by myself. Sandy Cohen, please take me in!

16. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s apartment from I Love Lucy.

Sure it’s tight, but how many of you imagined living cute and cozy in the 1950s? (Minus all the sexism and the ‘splainin’ to do)

17. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s house from Gilmore Girls.

Seriously, they have the cutest small town house with cozy, mismatching decor and flowers on the window sill.

18. The Tanner’s house from Full House.

The ultimate dream: a San Franciscan house with high ceilings, a beautiful front door, and enough rooms to fill a house of nine people (all puns intended).

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