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    17 Times Bob Dylan And Joan Baez Were Cute Together

    There's no denying the magical chemistry between these legendary folk singers.

    1. Getting cozy at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963.

    2. Bob ironing Joan's long black hair.

    3. Straight cheesin' at the Viking Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island in 1964.

    4. Joan leaning on Bob's shoulder.

    5. Riding in cars with folk singers.

    6. Backstage at Gerde's Folk City.

    7. Probably talking about politics and all that '60s jazz.

    8. Being sassy in New York City.

    9. Joan quite literally sweeping Bob off his feet.

    10. Walking somewhere into the night.

    11. A sweet, candid moment from the early 1960s.

    12. Making the greatest cutesy smiles.

    13. Everything about this picture screams adorable.

    14. Bob and Joan hanging out in a park.

    15. Practicing backstage during the Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1975.

    16. Joan sweetly holding onto Bob's neck as they sing.

    17. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing "Never Let Me Go" live in 1975.

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