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    17 Savage "Old Hollywood" Movie Clapbacks From Women That Are Straight-Up Genius

    "Be gone, before somebody drops a house on you, too!" —Glinda, the BADASS Witch.

    1. When Mrs. Banks sang the most iconic song in Mary Poppins.

    2. When Flora was the ULTIMATE savage while helping Merryweather with her dress in Sleeping Beauty.

    3. When Anita fired right back at Bernardo in West Side Story.

    4. When Fanny let Nicky Arnstein know her worth in Funny Girl.

    5. When Margo was relatable as hell before throwing a party in All About Eve.

    6. When Eleanor of Aquitaine wasn't afraid to let her true feelings show in The Lion in Winter.

    7. When Glinda threw a jab at the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

    8. When Scarlett O'Hara had it up to HERE with Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind.

    9. When Mary Poppins delivered this sweet and subtle burn to Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins.

    10. When Reggie had zero tolerance for Peter's temper in Charade.

    11. When Marian questioned the double standards between women and men in Possessed.

    12. When Gloria shut down Weston in the most brilliant way in Butterfield 8.

    13. When Rita let her true feelings show in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

    14. When Joan told Steve what's what in The Bride Came C.O.D.

    15. When Lise stood up for herself in An American in Paris.

    16. When Lily declined this dude when he tried making a move on her in Baby Face.

    17. And when Angela gave the most EPIC "Old Hollywood" burn in The Asphalt Jungle.