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12 People Jenna Maroney Had Sex With

"Next, you'll tell me Mickey Rourke catapulted YOU into the Hollywood sign."

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1. Phil Spector


Jenna Maroney: “I’m just going to tell you what I told Phil Spector: It’s okay, baby. We just have to get some trash bags and get back here before anyone’s the wiser. Then we can keep recording my album.”

2. Mickey Rourke


Even though we found out in the 30 Rock finale Jenna Maroney never met Mickey Rourke, this running gag is still hilarious. Jenna Maroney: "The only show I've ever been on that got a 10.2 was when Mickey Rourke threw me on the field during the Super Bowl."

4. Roseanne and Tom Arnold


Liz Lemon: "Oh, so you're the only person in the world that's allowed to make sex mistakes? You had a three-way with Roseanne and Tom Arnold!"

Jenna Maroney: "That was 2 years ago!"

9. David Blaine


Kenneth Parcell: "You quitter. You gonna quit this like you quit fashion school? Give up like you gave up on your relationship with David Blaine?"

Jenna Maroney: "He's the one who drove the wedge, with his magic."

10. Dennis Duffy


Liz Lemon: "Hang on, my apartment?"

Jenna Maroney: "OK, I can explain that -- you had gone on that over-30 outward bound trip to Arizona, and you had asked me to housesit. Well, Dennis came over… and as I mentioned we were pretty torn up about Hurricane Katrina."

Dennis Duffy: "What those people were doing to the Superdome..."

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