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    12 Of Rudy Huxtable's Sassiest Moments

    It's tough being the youngest of five children. How does the baby of the family put everyone in their place? Through sass, of course.

    1. When Vanessa tells Rudy how love works, and she shuts it down.

    2. When Rudy gets her first boyfriend, Bud.

    3. When she doesn't want to go to a museum, and gives Cliff the stare.

    4. When her Grandma dresses her up in this fierce outfit.

    5. When she plays Mrs. Griswold, owner of the real world and the utility banks.

    6. When she puts makeup on Cliff during one of his naps.

    7. When Rudy sings to her grandparents on their wedding anniversary.

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    Via Youtube

    ("Night Time Is the Right Time" by Ray Charles)

    8. When Cliff makes her eat one of his obscure animal dinners.

    9. When someone out of the Huxtable clan bothers her.

    10. When Rudy helps her dad get with the times.

    11. When she enlightens her older sister's friend about smoking, in a deathly sassy way.

    12. And of course, every single interaction between her and Bud.

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    Via Youtube

    Eventually Olivia comes along, and Rudy passes down the sassafras torch...

    ...but she still remains the sassiest Huxtable, and for that we'll always love the Rudes.