10 Of Rose Nylund’s Funniest St. Olaf Phrases

Scandinavian words, names, noises, and foods from St. Olaf’s very own Golden Girl.

1. 1. Tubenburbles

Code breakdown: butt.

2. 2. Haagen-Dazs

Code breakdown: Rose’s lady parts.

4. 3. Gugenspritzer

Via Youtube

Code breakdown: St. Olaf Monopoly.

5. 4. This isn’t a St. Olaf phrase, but Rose thinking it is makes it so much better.

Code breakdown: Awwww yeah.

6. 5. Vertubenflugen

Code breakdown: horn.

7. 6. Sperheoven Krispies

Via Youtube

Code breakdown: ancient Scandinavian midnight snack.

8. 7. Genurkenflurken cake

Code breakdown: a St. Olaf dessert.

9. 8. Gerkonanaken

Via Youtube

Code breakdown: the precise moment when dog doo turns white.

10. 9. Eggs Gafloofen

Via Youtube

Code breakdown: an appetizer treat.

11. 10. Herve Villechaize

Code breakdown: a tiny St. Olaf actor.

13. The girls get annoyed of Rose’s St. Olaf lingo…

15. …but she doesn’t give a hoot.

16. She’s proud of her hometown, and isn’t embarrassed to be a St. Olafian.

17. Here is the ultimate St. Olaf mash-up:

Via Youtube

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