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"Catherine Hardwicke and Twilight" Why I love the original film? This isn't going to be your typical "love story" basic response you'd typically hear about when told by someone who loves the Twilight film.

An ode to great women, film and literature.

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"An Ode to Catherine Hardwicke and Twilight"

Why I love the original Twilight film? This isn't going to be your typical "love story", basic response.

The primary reason I love this film is because of Catherine Hardwicke. She has been a long time favorite of mine in the film industry for longer than even I've known, not until I was swept up into the world of Twilight.

One of my favorite films since young adulthood was Lords of Dogtown, a film directed by no other than Catherine Hardwicke. She brought that movie, the characters, the setting, all together just like she did in Twilight. Lords of Dogtown is a beautifully crafted, well thought out and executeded as the story deserved. Another favorite film of mine that Catherine worked on is a life changing piece of art is, Vanilla Sky, the 2001 film directed by Cameron Crowe, starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Penelope Cruz, has impacted my life so deeply. The work she did with Cameron Crowe and the entire film staff created a work of art that I will always treasure, through the sweet and the sour (for those Vanilla Sky lovers reading).

What she did with Twilight was cinamatographly on par to the book yet also different in its own right. The way she used her camera to capture the actors, the way she directed those actors in the Twilight framed them for the rest of the series and the rest of the directors who followed after Catherine was no longer the director. The colors, the asthetic, the way Edward and Bella move and connect with each other, and also brought the humor to life.

Althought I still love all of the other movies, I believe that if the series had been left in the hand of Catherine Hardwicke that they would have been her most beautiful, greatest achievements...her masterpiece. To Catherine:

Thank you. And your fans love you forever.

A thankful fan,

Kayla M. Weaver

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