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5 Ways Social Media Has Given Traditional Dating A New Meaning

Has social media completely changed the traditional dating world?

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It is no secret that the revolution of social media has changed our interpersonal relationships and the way we interact with one another. When thinking about interpersonal relationships dating comes to mind. Many aspects of traditional dating have been replaced with a modern and online aspect.

1. The Set Up- The New Blind Date

The first step to dating is, well, finding a date (duh). Ways to do so are constantly changing. One traditional way that has not completely disappeared but changed because of social media, is the ‘blind date.’ Traditionally a true blind date is set up by a family member or friend and the two individuals are completely unaware of each other’s appearance and personality. These days many dates are set up through social media, including dating apps. The third party in a blind date is replaced by a dating app or site. There have been dating sites that have a blind date feature, but how blind are they if it is through social media where nothing is truly private?

2. Privacy? What Privacy?

Traditionally, two people could go on a date with little to no contact beforehand. Now with social media, it gives people the opportunity to communicate in multiple ways, whether it be messaging, browsing their pictures or liking each other’s posts, which seems to go a long way these days. It also allows you to know someone before you actually meet one another. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the way you look at it.

3. What Ever Happened To Small Talk?

In a traditional sense, the first date is all about small talk and getting to know the basics. These days, it is common that the small talk takes place over social media, meaning your date may be starting at a different level, possibly a more personal one. There is also the elephant in the room where you know each of you have been creeping each other on social media before you even meet. There is the possibility that people’s ‘creeping’ tendencies could hinder conversations because you may be hiding the fact that you know bits about their life they haven’t shared yet.

4. No More Waiting For That Phone Call

Traditionally there was an appropriate wait time until you ask them to go on another date. Today, following the first date, social media has more often than not replaced that phone call. If the date went well it is very common now you will hear from the person sooner than you think, whether it be a text, Snapchat or any other indirect acknowledgement.

5. Delete, Delete, Delete!

So what if you change your mind? A phone call or face-to-face get together used to be the sensitive way to end the connection after a few dates. Social media allows you to desensitize the way you end a relationship, it could be a subtle nudge, such as un-following the person on Instagram or deleting them off Facebook that you want to end it or a blunt message.

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