13 Things About "What Not To Wear" You Probably Didn't Know

    TLC, if you're reading this, bring back WNTW!!!

    1. The original What Not to Wear actually started in the UK and lasted seven seasons (2001–2007).

    2. What Not to Wear was picked up in the US in 2003 and starred cohosts Stacy London and...not Clinton Kelly?!

    3. What Not to Wear is the longest-running makeover show with 10 seasons and 343 episodes.

    4. Most people were legitimately nominated by friends and family, and then 100% ambushed by Stacy and Clinton.

    5. The show definitely filmed secret footage of the participants before they came on the show...but sometimes it was pretty obvious.

    6. The part where the participants trashed their old clothes wasn't just for show.

    7. Some of the old clothing was donated to charities, and the worn out and unwearable pieces were sent to the dump.

    8. Stacy and Clinton were often in and out during shopping days and on set.

    9. The contestants actually shopped with stylists and production assistants.

    10. The participants did get $5,000 to spend...but they were required to pay taxes on it. Womp, womp.

    11. Oh, and they also have to use part of their $$$ to put toward tailoring.

    12. They refilmed multiple scenes during each episode.

    13. Clinton keeps in touch with some of the contestants.

    I am so sad now. Thanks for the greatest 10 years ever, What Not to Wear!