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    13 Completely Fascinating Facts About "Fatal Attraction"

    "Bunny boiler" is actually in the dictionary!

    Hey there, all my Glenn Close and Michael Douglas fans! Fatal Attraction turns 30 years old today! To honor the horrifyingly wonderful movie, here are a bunch of facts you probably didn't know about the film:

    1. The knife Alex (Glenn Close) used to attack Dan (Michael Douglas) with at the end of the movie is actually made of cardboard.

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    Whaaaat! It looked so real in the movie. Close told Vanity Fair that she actually kept the knife and framed it. (It's hanging in her kitchen!) “It’s all an illusion. It’s a cardboard prop!” she said.

    2. The movie was based off of a short film.

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    The screenwriter for Fatal Attraction, James Dearden, actually wrote and directed a short film titled Diversion. Producers later approached Dearden, asking him to expand the script. And as we know now, the full-length film went on to be a huge success.

    3. Close was so nervous for her audition that she took a Valium before it.

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    Close told Entertainment Weekly, "I didn’t know what to wear and I went to a store — Neiman Marcus or something. My hair was long and crazy. I’m very bad at doing my hair. I got so nervous, I took a little bit of a Valium. I walked in and the first thing I saw was a video camera, which is terrifying, and behind the video camera in the corner was Michael Douglas. I just said, 'Well, just let it all go wild.'"

    4. The phrase "bunny boiler" is in the dictionary.

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    The movie remains so iconic that "bunny boiling" is actually a familiar phrase used to describe "a woman who acts vengefully after having been spurned by her lover."

    5. In the original ending, Alex kills herself and frames Dan for her "murder."

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    Well, we all know that's not how the film ends. The original ending was shown to a test audience, who were underwhelmed with the story's conclusion. The film's director, Adrian Lyne, hated the idea of changing it but was offered an extra $1.5 million to direct a more brutal and violent ending.

    Close also despised the new ending and initially refused to reshoot it, arguing that it wasn't in line with her character. Though she finally agreed to the new ending, she was never happy with the way Alex was portrayed in the final scenes.

    6. Fatal Attraction was the second-highest grossing film released in 1987, bringing in almost $157 million.

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    The highest grossing film that year was 3 Men and a Baby, in case you were wondering.

    7. Close says she would play Alex's character totally different today.

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    Close told CBS News that she would have read the script differently. "The astounding thing was that in my research for Fatal Attraction I talked to two psychiatrists. Never did a mental disorder come up. Never did the possibility of that come up. That, of course, would be the first thing I would think of now."

    8. Neither Close nor screenwriter James Dearden never looked at Alex as a monster or psychopath.

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    Close spoke of her character on Oprah saying, “I never thought of her as the villain, ever."

    In addition, Dearden echoed similar thoughts about Close's character in The Guardian, writing, "Alex is emphatically not a monster. She is a sad, tragic, lonely woman, holding down a tough job in an unforgiving city."

    9. Close was dunked in the bathtub while shooting the second ending around 50 times.

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    If you've watched the film, you remember this scene. Close was actually dunked so many times that she got an ear infection.

    10. Jane Krakowski played the babysitter?!?!

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    She didn't get enough credit for her role, in my opinion.

    11. Close thought that the bunny scene "was over the top."

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    Close told Entertainment Weekly that the famous scene originally concerned her. "The bunny was the one thing I had a question about. I took the script to a psychiatrist and said, ‘Is this behavior possible? Could somebody do something like that?’"

    And during a reunion with Douglas on Oprah, Close said, "The only thing that bothered me was the rabbit. I thought it was over the top."

    12. In 2015, there was reportedly a TV series based off of the movie in the making...but the idea was killed.

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    The show apparently had casting difficulties. Megan Fox and Jenna Dewan Tatum were both said to have passed up roles.

    13. While Fatal Attraction received multiple award nominations, it was heavily critiqued by psychiatrists and feminists.

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    The movie stirred up a lot of discussions around mental health and the portrayal of women's emotions in film. Close's character was an independent business woman with clear emotional struggles, yet the film depicted her as a psychopathic villain. On the other hand, Douglas's character had an affair (IDK about you, but that's a no-no in my book!) but was portrayed as the hero.

    30 years later and it's still a great movie.

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