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What’s The Worst Wedding Disaster You’ve Ever Witnessed?

Tell us all about your nightmare nuptials.

If you've ever gone to a wedding, or had your own, you know it's quite the magical affair.

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Like the equivalent of John Legend serenading an adorable dog couple on their big day.

They're filled with love, happiness, booze — all the good things life has to offer at ONE party.


Everyone is havin' fun, swinging 'n stuff, but then...

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Who the hell said, "Yes this is a good idea"?

...things turn into a total disaster.


Like you're in your nice-ass wedding getup and then a poorly-timed shart occurs.

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Or the groom gets totally hammered and hits on the bridesmaids.


Or perhaps someone starts throwin' shade and a fight breaks out.

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Blame it on the alcohol.

Whatever it is, it doesn't take much to make it all come crashing down.

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So fam, tell us your wedding day horror stories! We'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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