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What’s The Worst Wedding Disaster You’ve Ever Witnessed?

Tell us all about your nightmare nuptials.

If you've ever gone to a wedding, or had your own, you know it's quite the magical affair.

They're filled with love, happiness, booze — all the good things life has to offer at ONE party.

Everyone is havin' fun, swinging 'n stuff, but then...

...things turn into a total disaster.

Like you're in your nice-ass wedding getup and then a poorly-timed shart occurs.

Or the groom gets totally hammered and hits on the bridesmaids.

Or perhaps someone starts throwin' shade and a fight breaks out.

Whatever it is, it doesn't take much to make it all come crashing down.

So fam, tell us your wedding day horror stories! We'll feature the best responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.