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What Products Do You Use And Swear By Because Your Parents Used Them?

Or your grandparents! Or your aunt. Or uncle. Or anybody in the generation before yours!

When I was in my early teen years, my mom sat me down and taught me how to put on makeup. I still use some of the products she taught me with, and ones that I watched her use for years and years. Sweet, I know!

So it got me to thinking: What products do you use and love because you grew up watching your parents use them?

Maybe it's a trusty kitchen appliance or gadget that you can't live without!

Or a cleaning product? And if so, tell us how you use it — we love a good cleaning hack!

Perhaps it's a product that has truly stood the test of time so you got yourself one of your own to have forever — like a durable cast iron skillet!

It could be literally anything from wool socks to a miracle-working stain remover.

Whatever product it is, let us know! Please mention where you got it and *why* it's so amazing — and if you want to go the extra mile, you can always share a direct link and photos. Submit your recommendations below and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!