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    25 Ways To Organize A Tiny Bathroom That'll End Up Making A Big, Big Difference

    Vertical storage is our friend. So is all that empty wall space.

    1. If counter space is super limited and/or basically nonexistent, utilize that wall space by suctioning a container to store your small soaps and toothbrush. They'll love their cute little home, and so will you.

    plastic container suctioned to wall holding small cups

    2. Create your own shelf system (even if your current bathroom can't accommodate larger, traditional options!) with some invisible floating shelves. No cupboard space? Consider it handled!

    3. Keep on using that wall space, but this time for a hanging towel rack that'll store up to 8 fresh towels and get 'em out from that precious cabinet space they're currently occupying.

    reviewer image or rack installed in bathroom holding tons of rolled towels

    4. And give your hand towels a place of their very own (that's not balled up in the corner on your counter) and install a swivel towel bar. Oooh, so fancy and spa-like!

    rack with four different swivel arms for a place to hang four towels

    5. Turn your TP center into more than just a one hit wonder with this all-in-one shelf, storage, and roll holder. You'll appreciate the extra space, and your guests will appreciate being able to find extra toilet paper.

    6. Make your own under-sink storage system by adding two corner shelves. This will keep the space open for any sink pipes that would normally block regular cabinets.

    7. Designate a space for your hot tools in order to keep your curling iron, hair straightener, and dryer from taking over your counters. This handy organizer comes with hooks so it can be hung on the cabinet or left out on your vanity as is!

    8. Organize the growing mound of bathroom junk currently overtaking your drawers. A quick solution: these individual clear plastic bins that you can set up to perfectly fit your drawer and store the essentials that you couldn't find easily...until now.

    reviewer image of plastic bins holding toothpaste, nail clippers, floss and more

    9. Or for a more practical storage option, a double-sided hanging organizer with 32 pockets and 18 loop closures so you always know where every piece you own is.

    review image of organizer holdings tons of jewelry

    10. Or! Hang up an organizer with all the space you need for your collection. This pretty piece features bars for hanging jewelry, hooks for necklaces, cork for stud earrings, and a tiny shelf for any extras. Long gone are the days of untangling the chain tumbleweeds!

    jewelry organizer hung up styled with tons of different jewelry pieces

    11. Save your under-sink space from the mountain of shampoo bottles and cleaners currently occupying that space with two-tier, slide-out baskets. The baskets feature a divider so you're just getting organization on organization with these bad boys.

    the baskets added under a sink to organize tons of cleaning supplies

    12. Give your walls some decor and storage space with a shelf that's as darling as this one. This bamboo rattan option has a built-in rung for extra hand towels.

    boho style rattan shelf hung over a bath tub

    13. Finally (finally!) make a proper home for your electric toothbrush with help from your outlet. Simply install this shelf, feed your cord through the hole, and say farewell to the days of balancing your toothbrush on the teeny tiny space next to the faucet.

    reviewer image of shelf installed over outlet and electric toothbrush on it and plugged in to outlet below

    14. Recycle all those half-empty bottles and containers and opt for sleek glass jars and bottles with pumps for all your cotton balls and swabs, bath salts, lotions, and shampoos.

    15. And to achieve peak organization status, add your own custom labels to each jar so everything has its own place.

    cotton swabs and cotton ball jars with labels

    16. Maximize the little counter space you have and add a three-tier shelf for all your most-used face washes, soaps, and serums. Honestly, with this much extra space, you could house your entire makeup collection!

    reviewer's counter with bathroom items stacked on shelf

    17. Or if you reaaaalllly need extra space, try this corner rack with ample surface area sure to give all your bathroom essentials a place to stay.

    reviewer image of rack in bathroom holding tons of things

    18. Utilize even the teeniest of spaces with a super narrow cabinet. This handy piece has a designated space for TP, and and removable shelves for extra! TP.

    19. Or if you have some extra space on both sides of your porcelain throne, go with an option that provides shelving for those areas. Hello! Look at all your storage options now!

    over the toilet shelf with shelves up both sides and two shelves on the top

    20. Look to no other than your shower curtain as a place for storage. This pick has actual pockets to hold your shower goods, so the days of delicately balancing your shampoo on the narrow tub ledge are OVER.

    shower curtain with pockets with shampoos in pocket

    21. Declutter that makeup drawer, yes you know the one, by adding rearrangeable bins. Look at the satisfaction these'll bring to the lipsticks currently shoved in there with no rhyme or reason.

    22. Or! Opt for simple adjustable bamboo dividers so you can easily sort your whos-its from your whatcha-ma-call-its. However you wanna sort, these are here to help ya do it.

    reviewer image of divider added in to bathroom drawer to separate perfumes from toothbrush

    23. Turn your medicine cabinet into a cohesive place where you can actually find the Advil when you need it, and install a door cabinet. It attaches to the back of the door to give you an easy view of *everything*.

    reviewer image of cabinet attached to bathroom door filled with medicine

    24. Give your best towels the display they deserve (while simultaneously freeing up most-important under-the-sink space) with a handmade towel latter. Hello, style. Hello, space.

    leather and wooden latter hung on wall in bathroom

    25. Use a rotating organizer in the narrow cabinet where you can't find anything. Now you'll be able to spin, spin, spin until you find that pricey serum. Oh, I bet you forgot you even had that serum!

    Your bathroom will not BELIEVE how organized it is.

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