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    Just 34 Very Nice Things For Your Home

    Ranging from very cute rugs to new lighting fixtures.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sleek little diffuser to keep right next to your at-home desk, couch, or literally at your side 24/7, because you should be able to smell peppermint essential oils day and night! Period!

    diffuser placed on top of book next to essential oils

    2. A string light curtain to make your room feel like a twinkly wonderland that you never want to leave.

    two reviewer images of the lights strung up on windows and room ceiling

    3. Pre-made wall panels so you can achieve the professional molding look everyone is mastering on TikTok with even less work. A little nail gun action and some glue (OK, and some measuring), and you'll have this look in no time.

    reviewer's wall with panels installed and painted white to add depth to wall

    4. A coffee table from BloomingTables if having house plants in every corner of your house is your brand. Now, you can have an entire ecosystem right there in your coffee table. Um, yes.

    5. A giant clothespin towel holder for an incredibly cute way to hang up used towels. Why have a boring ol' over-the-door hanger when you could just have these?!

    two giant clothespins on a wall and holding towels

    6. A Mediterranean-esque peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give you the upgrade you want for a fraction of the price. This on stairs? I never would of thought but now I need immediately.

    7. A naturally dried bouquet for a sweet touch to your neutral aesthetic. If you love having fresh florals around but hate how quickly they have to be replaced, grab some of these and enjoy them day in and day out.

    palm leaf bouquet with an assortment of pampas grass stems

    8. A Kardiel blue-velvet chair that — and I cannot stress this enough — did give me literal stars in my eyes when I pulled this baby out of the box. The unique shape, high-quality fabric, STUNNING color (not to mention how comfortable it is to sit in)'s by far my favorite piece of statement-making furniture.

    blue chair in corner of BuzzFeed writer Kayla's apartment
    closeup of chair showing the shiny blue velvet fabric
    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    I am a sucker for anything in a deep sapphire or emerald color, so naturally it was love at first sight when I saw this chair. I had an older chair in the corner of my apartment that's seen better days, and I wanted a replacement that was more eye catching. Well, HELLO, this beauty is it. She's comfortable, definitely a conversation starter, and has been the perfect place to read. I have never owned Kardiel furniture before, but it's now my life goal to furnish my entire apartment with their goods. If you're in the market for modern furniture that's comfortable, cannot recommend Kardiel enough!

    Get it from Kardiel for $698 (available in five fabrics/colors).

    9. Stick-on lights here to add some major va-va-voom to your cabinets. These in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom — a simple yet impactful upgrade.

    reviewer image of kitchen cabinets with lighting installed underneath

    10. A cat perch with two places for your royal cats to sit and rule their kingdom. Each bowl-shaped throne is adorned with a super-soft cushion, so they'll be perfectly supported.

    11. A towel warmer because nothing says "I love you, self," like a device that heats up your pajamas while you're showering in the dead of winter.

    The circular-shaped bin in grey with a lid and wood handle and a small screen on the front

    12. A Bluetooth record player with built-in speakers and the most darling vintage style. Play your phone or your vinyl collection, curl up, and get comfy. *Cues up Michael Bublé.*

    13. A pack of dresser organizers with different styles to transform that crammed drawer into a perfectly organized place where you can easily find that one pair of socks that looks like all the rest.

    different organizers styled in a dresser with different types of undergarments and socks

    14. A abstract rainbow rug that — and sorry to literally the rest of your decor — will be the shining star of your home.

    abstract rug with different colors in a wavy rainbow pattern

    15. Cage pendant lights you can hang above your bathroom sinks, nightstands, or really anywhere in your house that could use a little extra light (and charm!).

    16. An adjustable wood organizer for transforming your cluttered desk into a trendy space you won't mind working at all day.

    17. A modern ceiling fan (with lights!) because the dingy one currently occupying your space is covered in dust and in need of an update. Easily change the vibe of any room with this stunner.

    18. A hanging towel rack that'll store up to 8 fresh towels and get 'em out from that precious cabinet space they're currently occupying.

    reviewer image or rack installed in bathroom holding tons of rolled towels

    19. Frosted film with a rainbow hue for not only some added privacy, but for creating a whimsical light throughout the room. Kitty approved!

    20. Garage magnets you literally stick to the door for the world's easiest transformation. You might not believe it's your garage door when you're finished adding these!

    before/after of reviewer's garage with the magnets added to make it look like a new garage door

    21. Brick whitewash paint if you want a modern farmhouse vibe, but your current situation is screaming more '70s with its brown and yellow color palette.

    22. An orange juice vase for a ~juicy~ delicious way to add some funky decor to your house. It's! So! CUTE!

    orange juice carton vase with a small amount of flowers placed on a table

    23. A set of gold cabinet pulls that'll add an undeniably fancy charm to them, whether you install them on kitchen cabinets or a wardrobe dresser.

    24. An orb chandelier to bring some funky mid-mod energy into your dining room. Something this fun will become an instant focal point — or in other words, be a super easy way to give a room an entirely new personality.

    reviewer image of chandelier hung over mid-mod style dining table

    25. A set of flameless, battery-operated candles that look just like the real thing (except now you don't have to worry about the constant fire hazard). Ohhh, you just unlocked the next level of cozy winter.

    26. A wall or floor stencil that'll let you easily create a fun design anywhere you want a statement. Why does my laundry room not look like this...?

    stencil used on back wall of laundry room

    27. A wireless library light so you can check "make house look like a luxurious hotel" off your to-do list.

    28. A cabinet hammock – a much cuter way to store your produce that doesn't involve taking up more counter space. That's important real estate!

    Hammock hanging on bottom of cabinet with several pieces of fruit on it
    Macra-YAY Macrame

    Lesli Lenover's small shop has all things macrame...even mini plant hangers for your car! The shop is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Promising review: "I was so excited to clear off counter space by getting rid of my fruit bowl. The quality is great, thank you!" —Melinda Myrick

    Get it from Macra-YAY Macrame on Etsy for $30.

    29. Battery-operated, motion sensing night lights you can install anywhere in the house, because you don't turn on the lights. The lights turn on for YOU. 

    Night lights installed on the wall where are there are no outlets

    These little lights are AA battery-operated (not included, but you can grab some here), weatherproof feature, a 30-second auto shutoff, activate from 15 feet away, and can be stuck anywhere (just grab some Command strips!).

    Promising review: "We have a short set of steps from the house into the attached garage that have always been dark and a little hard to see clearly in certain situations. These lights have been a perfect solution. They activate quite well and at a good distance, and put out a really nice amount of light. They also seem well made. I mounted one with the adhesive strip, and one with the screws (both included) and they are equally secure. They couldn't be easier to install and use right away. My whole family appreciates them." —foradrive

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99

    30. A faux-sheepskin throw for transforming dull, uncomfortable seating (or, hello, a coffee table!!!) into a glam retreat you'll never want to leave. Oh, just think of all the books waiting to be read atop this fluffy thing.

    31. A cutie shell pillow that'll be the diamond (or shall I say pearl!) of all your home decor. Something this cute deserves its own throne.

    pillow shaped like a shell in a pink fabric

    32. A giant memory foam beanbag you'll want to IMMEDIATELY curl up in. Disclaimer: You just might have to fight your dogs for it.

    33. A bathtub tray with compartments for your bath time essentials (in order of importance): wine, books, iPads, phone, snacks, and soap. This year give yourself the gift of relaxation.

    reviewer image of tray in bathtub holding wine, soaps, and candle

    34. An arched floor mirror that'll bring in extra light to your space. And when your guests find out how much you paid for this elegant piece, they'll be ~floored~.

    full length mirror with arch at top. it is leaning against a wall and has a green outer frame.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.