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    24 Cool Etsy Shops To Try For Valentine's Day If You're Sick Of Giving The Same Ol' Gifts

    Surely they've never been gifted a dinosaur rolling pin.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. WoodLife Prints makes custom wood prints for a truly memorable gift. A piece from this shop that's this sweet and sentimental is must-gift option. It's just ~written in the stars~.

    Natural wood board with round star chart and personalized with a name and date
    Wood Life Prints

    WoodLife Prints is based out of San Diego, CA.

    Price range: $21.95β€”$64.95

    See more custom wood prints at WoodLife Prints.

    2. Tea Heritage creates darling little tea bags filled with different flavors like jasmine, Earl Grey, and pumpkin chai guaranteed to make that tea lover swoon.

    Tea Heritage / Etsy

    Tea Heritage is based out of Lyons, France, and is ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

    Price range: $9β€”$108

    Check out all of their cute products at Tea Heritage.

    3. Chicly Built dreams up some incredibly cool planters, housewares, and vases β€” no ifs, ands, or ~butts~ about it! Select between booty pots, body sculptures, or cat air planters.

    different colored planters that look like butts
    Chicly Built

    This cutie shop is based out Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Price range: $2.99β€”$34.99

    Check out all of their cheeky goods at Chicly Built.

    4. Pastry Made β€” a must-bookmark shop for the baker at heart. This incredible shop sells embossed rolling pins with intricate designs of favorite characters, animals, and so much more.

    Pastry Made / Etsy

    Pastry Made is based out of Warsaw, Poland.

    Price range: $7.95β€”$24.95

    Check out all of their imaginative rolling pins at Pastry Made.

    5. Heritage Apothecary offers up everything from crystal encrusted smudging vials to incense and charging plates. Their beautiful packaging and spiritual goodies make something from this shop a no-brainer present for the witch you love.

    The Surrender Kit with crystals, feathers, sand, incense, and more
    Heritage Apothecary / Etsy

    Heritage Apothecary is based out of Los Angeles.

    You can also find candle holders, bowls and shells, aura mists, kits, and more.

    Price range: $5β€”$120

    See all of their incredible products at Heritage Apothecary.

    6. SoGloss designs epic nail wraps for an easy mani at home that seriously looks professional. The store has over 100 designs, so you've got tons of options to pick from that they're sure to love.

    SoGloss / Etsy

    SoGloss is based out of Buffalo, NY.

    Price range: $0.50β€”$18

    Check out all of their cute products at SoGloss.

    7. Little Low's shop is filled with darling illustration and cards your mate will adore, especially coming from you.

    print that says "mates for life" and a bunch of illustrated animals that also mate for life
    Little Low / Etsy

    Little Low is based out of North Stamford, Connecticut.

    Price range: $4.50β€”$76

    See more of their adorable prints and cards at Little Low.

    8. Pickle Dog Designs sells a bunch of cutey, eclectic handmade goods. You can find anything from doxie magnets, to thank-you and recipe cards, and jewelry.

    Pickle Dog Designs / Etsy

    Pickle Dog Designs is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Price range: $0.50β€”$51

    Check out all of their cute products at Pickle Dog Designs.

    9. Lobo Floral Market takes gorgeous flowers, dries them, and then arranges beyond stunning of bouquets, so you can gift them some sweet florals for Valentine's Day that'll actually last past a week.

    huge bouquet of dried florals in red and pink tones
    Lobo Floral Market / Etsy

    This darling shop is based out of Fallbrook, CA.

    Price range: $25β€”$200

    Check out all of their dried floral arrangements at Lobo Floral Market.

    10. Astral Weekend's funky shop has all the colorful, flower-power goods their heart could ever want. *This* is the place to find all the bright, psychedelic goodness their life needs.

    Astral Weekend / Etsy

    Astral Weekend is based out of Grass Valley, CA. Here you can find t-shirts, stickers, pillows, and more β€” all with their signature designs.

    Price range: $4.50β€”$100

    Check out all of their funky cool products at Astral Weekend.

    11. The Little Avocado is a pastel-admirer's dream shop. Filled with flirty blankets, cutesy cowgirl stickers, and inventive macrame, there is surely something unique in here for your gift recipient. Good job, you. Good job.

    blanket with a cowgirl and cow skull in a pastel color palette
    The Little Avocado / Etsy

    This shop is based out of Los Angeles, and also has a "ready to ship" section, so you can get a gift soon!

    Price range: $4β€”$225

    See more fun things at The Little Avocado.

    12. Skin Foodie specializes in skincare and beauty using raw organic ingredients their skin will love to soak up.

    Skin Foodie / Etsy

    Skin Foodie is based out Dayton, Ohio. Products range from charcoal face soap to coffee scrubs β€” and they *all* come in darling packaging.

    Price range: $6β€”$128

    Check out all of their pretty goods at Skin Foodie.

    13. Silk Suds Shop creates the most gorgeous artisan soaps I think I have ever seen, in addition to other heavenly body products like lotions and perfume oils. BUT THE HAND SOAP! Just look at this beauty:

    black and gold swirled soap with dry flyers attached to side
    Silk Suds Shop / Etsy

    This gorgeous shop is based out of Riverdale, Georgia.

    Price range: $7β€”$75

    Check out the rest of their handmade soaps and lotions at Silk Suds Shop.

    14. Creepy Gals β€” your new favorite spot for all gifts equally creepy and wonderful. C'mon, a shop with a Barbara from Beetlejuice enamel pin? Creepy gals get it.

    Creepy Gals / Etsy

    Creepy Gals is based out of Los Angeles. You can snag shirts, pins, keychains, bags, prints, and more.

    Price range: $2β€”$30

    Check out the rest of their adorably creepy things at Creepy Gals.

    15. Mother of Pearl makes absolutely fabulous candles (hello Venus de Milo, hello David) that'll take your candle gift-giving to an elegant new level.

    Mother of Pearl / Etsy

    Mother of Pearl is based out of Los Angeles.

    Price range: $14.99β€”$42.99

    See the rest of the candle selection at Mother of Pearl.

    16. Art 2 The Extreme transforms regular ol' crayons into custom name gift sets, donuts, and other fun things. This, my friends, is art in itself!

    Art 2 The Extreme / Etsy

    This fun shop is based out of Noblesville, Indiana. You can find all sorts of adorable gifts, personalized or not!

    Price range: $4.50β€”$165

    Check out all of their crayons at Art 2 The Extreme.

    17. Gratia Box Co. assembles cute and simple, all-occasion gift boxes β€” perfect for when you're out of ideas but still want to be for, uh, Valentine's Day. This shop has you covered!

    gift box open with mug, scrub, and tea
    Gratia Box Co / Etsy

    Gratia Box is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, and has everything from happy birthday boxes to new homeowner gifts.

    Price range: $37β€”54

    Check out all their boxes at Gratia Box Co.

    18. Hereafter laser cuts gorgeous wooden stationery and keepsakes you can customize with personalized messaging. I mean, these intricate details are...*swoons*.

    Hereafter / Etsy

    Hereafter is based out of Los Angeles. You can find stunning cards, keepsake boxes, journals, guestbooks, and more. Order by February 8th to guarantee delivery by Valentine's Day.

    Price range: $3.50β€”$275

    Check out all of their incredible work at Herafter.

    19. Oake & Ashe is your go-to spot for all things weaving. This adorable shop sells weaving looms and supplies, including a range of starter kits so they can pick a new hobby, no problem.

    weaving kit with contents laid out on tote bag
    Oake & Ashe / Etsy

    This charming little shop is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can find looms, heddles, tools, and other accessories.

    Price range: $2.55β€”$269.99

    Check out all of their weaving kits and supplies at Oake & Ashe.

    20. Penny and Horse sells fun (and informational!) illustrated prints, like classic cocktails and their accompanying recipes, coffee guides, and laundry cheat sheets.

    Penny and Horse / Etsy

    Penny and Horse is based out of the UK. Psst! This is a digital download, not a physical copy, so you'll have to get it printed at your local drugstore. It's super easy, and places like CVS and Walgreens offer great coupons. Just print and frame, and your gift is done!

    Price range: $2.87β€”$17.20

    Check out the rest of their fun prints at Penny and Horse.

    21. Halifax Hollow β€” a small batch food shop handcrafted in Vermont that whips up goodies like this simple syrup set (oh, hello faaaaancy lavender) so they can play around in the kitchen like a wizard. A splash of this and dash of that β€” they better name their next boozy drink after you!

    different flavors of the simple syrup lined up
    Halifax Hollow / Etsy

    This yummy shop is based out of West Halifax, Vermont. You can also find things like jellies, fruit bitters, seasoning salts, and gift sets!

    Price range: $2.75β€”$32.95

    See all of their wonderful food offerings at Halifax Hollow.

    22. 1801 & Co. offers tons of stylish office supplies and other custom goods that'll add some va va voom to their new WFH space.

    1801 & Co. / Etsy

    1801 & Co. is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to these office-themed dry erase boards, they also have other custom acrylic sign options.

    Price range: $2.25β€”$129.95

    Check out all of their customizable goods at 1801 & Co.

    23. Alijhae Arts draws up magical illustrations of Black couples and people, and then sells them in print, sticker, and t-shirt form. Might as well get them all three β€” I mean, they deserve to all of these whimsical designs!

    illustration of Black couple holding each other in an orange red color palette
    Alijhae Arts / Etsy

    This shop is based out of Harvest, Alabama, and also sells notebooks, pins, bookmarks, and lip balms!

    Price range: $3.50β€”$75

    Check out all of their incredible work at Alijhae Arts.

    24. Oh Me So Holy creates celebrity and custom prayer candles, which allows you to get the Britney-stan you know a candle worthy of their time. Or if they love their pet more than humans, you can customize it with a photo of their fur child. Congrats, you win Valentine's Day!

    Oh Me So Holy / Etsy

    This exciting little shop is based out of Long Beach, CA.

    Price range: $10β€”$25

    See all of their available candles at Oh Me So Holy.

    Them when they open your gift (obviously, because it's amazing):

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