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    This Family Threw A Quinceañera For Their Cat, And It's Everything

    The party to top all parties.

    Hi, world. Meet Luna. She's an adorable cat who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and her family loves her more than anything in the world. Really, they do.

    Luna just celebrated her 15th birthday (get it, girl!) so her family threw her an extravagant quinceañera.

    Brigitte Olavarria

    A quinceañera is a Latino tradition that celebrates a girl's coming of age. A girl's 15th birthday marks her transition from childhood to maturity so everyone gets together and throws a big party to celebrate! Luna included.

    "My mom planned the party a week in advance," Luna's owner Brigitte Olavarria told BuzzFeed. "We sent out invitations to our immediate family members and best friends a week in advance. Everyone showed up and were all so excited."

    Brigitte Olavarria

    Once the big day arrived, Luna was surrounded by impeccable decorations (yes, there was a LUNA balloon), an exclusive guest list, and plenty of food.

    Brigitte Olavarria

    "Twelve people came to the party, which lasted about three hours," Olavarria said. "Luna was such a good sport during the whole thing."

    Luna of course wore a crown and a stunning dress. BE STILL, MY HEART.

    Brigitte Olavarria

    Olavarria said her mom found the perfect dress on Amazon and got the crown at Walmart in the ornaments section. Luna, girl, you look FABULOUS.

    After being treated to a tres leches cake, Luna also got a can of tuna to celebrate.

    Brigitte Olavarria

    "We wanted to celebrate her long life properly," Olavarria said.

    Brigitte Olavarria

    As for her 16th birthday, you better believe her family is already planning. Happy Birthday, princess Luna!

    Brigitte Olavarria

    Follow Luna's future adventures on her Instagram.

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