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    39 Things Under $50 That People Actually Swear By

    "I would recommend this product to anyone." —me, these reviewers, and maybe you

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Birthdate Co. candle that combines astrology, numerology, and tarot to create one very unique candle just for you. There are truly 365 of 'em, so go ahead and grab yours.

    a candle with a specific day, plus info on astrology, numerology, and tarot for that day

    2. A matching set emanating pure vacation vibes. IDK where you are going for your next trip, but I *do* know this needs to be in your suitcase.

    3. A memory foam seat cushion to save your butt and back from the wrath of chairs, road trips, and anywhere you do a lot of sitting.

    Memory foam seat cushion placed on a car seat

    4. A Mediterranean-esque peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give you the upgrade you want for a fraction of the price. This on stairs? I never would of thought but now I need immediately.

    5. An embossed rolling pin with an engraved floral design so you can master patisserie week a la The Great British Bake Off style, and create stunning desserts that look like they came straight from a French bakery.

    rolling pin rolling out dough leaving behind an intricate floral pattern

    6. A pair of versatile go-to leggings you can rock with your favorite accessories, running errands, or on the couch. What I am trying to say here is, why wear jeans ever again?

    7. A squatty potty that'll adjust your position and relax the right muscles so you can pass poo comfortably. Life gets busy, you do(do) not need to deal with bloating and constipation on top of it.

    Squatty Potty placed at the foot of the toilet to show that it can easily slide under

    8. A small heating patch made with lemon balm, juniper berry, jasmine, dandelion root, rosehip, and without harsh chemicals to help with pesky cramps. Simply apply to achey parts of the body and the patch will heat up to provide relief.

    person holding up patch near lower abdomen

    9. A cult-favorite mascara to add volume and length to your lashes with a few flicks of the wrist, making those minimal makeup days even easier.

    Before and after showing the lengthening effects after using the mascara

    10. A portable blender bottle so you can blend fruits and veggies on the go. Smoothies? Anywhere you are? Breakfast every day? Yes, you can have it all.

    11. A roll-up drying rack, because countertop and sink space is IMPORTANT real estate that must be utilized efficiently. Amen.

    Drying rack placed across the sink with glasses placed downward and drying

    12. A top-rated Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser you can use on dry skin as a makeup remover, or on wet skin as a hydrating face wash. Either way, sorry to your other skincare products that'll never see the light of day after you bring this baby home.

    13. A weightless hair oil that'll look frizz, fly aways, and dryness straight in the face and say, be gone. It's like a hydrating drink of water but for your head. *Ahhh.*

    bottles of hair oil styled on purple cloud background

    14. A powerful steamer that basically brings the fancy spa straight to your home. Now you can lure those pesky blackheads out without having to pay for an expensive facial.

    15. A microwavable egg maker for whipping up omelets and scrambled and poached eggs all without the hassle. Who says you need to have oodles of time in the morning to make yummy food?!

    16. An Ilia Illuminator to create a subtle yet stunning shine on your cheeks and skin. It glides on without leaving sparkles or glitter behind, but a dewy light that'll catch the sun beautifully.

    four sticks of the illuminator spread out on table showing different shades and shimmers

    17. An adjustable wood organizer for transforming your cluttered desk into a trendy space you *won't* mind working at all day.

    18. A bottle of cinnamon dulce syrup for taking those at-home lattes you've perfected to an entirely new flavor level.

    person holding bottle of syrup

    19. A cooling eye gel for giving the skin around your eyes a refresh. It's packed with vitamin C, ginseng root, and coffee extract that can help with the appearance dark circles.

    20. A protein bar packed with 22 grams of plant-based vegan protein for a yummy treat that comes without all the sugars (only 1 gram in these bars!). It's keto, low carb, gluten- and dairy-free, and naturally sweetened. Now this is a snack!

    No Cow bar in cookies 'n cream flavor

    21. A jewelry cleaning pen — aka the ~Dazzle Stick~ — that'll do just that: Make all your favorite pieces dazzle again and rid them from any cloudiness in a matter of minutes.

    22. A trendy belt bag — and I think we can all agree that stylish fanny packs are BACK.

    reviewer wearing black crocodile embossed belt bag

    23. A teensy vacuum...made for your PORES. Seriously, all that ~poor~ dirt, grease, and dead skin doesn't stand a chance. Say it with me: It's time to move on out, you pesky blackheads!

    24. A brush spinner that'll clean up every last bit of makeup from even the dirtiest brushes AND then dry 'em — all in less than a minute. And to even *think* we've been cleaning our brushes BY HAND this entire time.

    Lifestyle shot of the brush spinner being used to clean a makeup brush. Model is holding the spinner with a makeup brush attached as it spins the brush in a small bowl with cleaning solution.

    25. A wire-free scoop bra from Pepper that will, in the words of their website, "hug your boobs like the perfect pair of yoga pants." Now that's a bra I can get behind (or in).

    model wearing bralette in lavender color

    26. A dry shampoo POWDER (!!) so you can ditch the shower and end up with hair that *looks* like it just got a fresh wash. Hey, nobody has to know it's going on day three...or five.

    27. An Amazonian clay foundation (with SPF 15!) for balancing complexion and creating a flawless matte finish that won't cake or crease.

    28. A variety pack of delicious chocolate that's made without soy, dairy, palm oil, cane and refined sugar, and sugar alcohols — meaning you finally just found an actually delicious sweet that meets your expectations and/or dietary needs. The frustrating hunt is over, my friends.

    different flavors of chocolate styled on a table

    29. A microwave bacon cooker so you can indulge your bacon cravings without turning on the stove, frying bacon, turning the bacon, de-greasing the bacon, soaking the pan, etc., etc., etc.

    30. A powerful nail strengthener formulated with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium to prevent breakage and make your nails harder and longer. It can be used by itself as a stand-alone treatment or as a base coat alternative.

    A reviewer's before photo of damaged, bitten, and brittle nails side-by-side with their after photo with strong, long, and painted nails

    31. And! A pretty set of nail wraps to elevate your at-home mani to much fancier heights. Just peel, stick, and file and voila! Look at these floral beauts:

    person's hand with tropical floral print nail wraps

    32. A scratch-off adventure guide to give you a fun way to explore new activities and document it in the process. The Adventure Challenge comes with a scratch-off book with room to write about your experience so you can remember all the best moments. Summer 2021, we are so ready for you!

    33. A compact hair roller that'll remove ALL the pet hair embedded on your sheets, clothes, and upholstery — something anyone with a fur baby knows is no easy feat.

    34. A wood conditioner made with a beeswax and orange oil formula that'll basically be a spa treatment for your wood surfaces. It polishes, creates a protective layer, and helps prevent the wood from drying out or fading.

    35. A set of transparent, shatter-resistant, leak-proof, air-tight leftover and lunch containers so your leftover or meal prep game becomes and actual reality (and your soup or salad dressing never ends up seeping anywhere it's unwelcome).

    Glass containers stacked on each other holding different foods inside a fridge

    36. A reusable menstrual cup that comes with a protective case you can toss in your bag so when Mother Nature arrives, you're ready. Stop dealing with the hassle of always having to have 56 tampons on you, and switch this sustainable option that lets you wear it for up to 12 hours.

    37. A heated shiatsu-massage pillow because work was a nightmare, the car wouldn't start, you spilled your coffee, and you just need some dang relaxation and something to work out those knots. This'll help.

    38. A faaaaancy smart notebook that'll capture your best doodles, lists, and thoughts where you can then upload them all to your computer. Now it's easier than ever to spam your family chat with your amazing talent.

    39. Glossier Balm Dotcom — a "do-everything" lip balm that, yup, truly does it all. This Glossier cult-favorite is packed with ultra hydrating ingredients (think: castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin) to leave your pout moisturized — and slightly colored if you pick a tinted option — but not super shiny.

    Me to everything on this list: