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    37 Things From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear This Winter

    Everything on this list is under $70 and that *includes* a big, fluffy jacket!!!

    1. A plaid asymmetrical wrap coat guaranteed to have people ~checkin~ you out...and then asking where they can get one for themselves.

    2. A newsboy cap that'll instantly complete your ensemble. I mean, just imagine this and a fluffy SMASH that add to cart button!

    3. A turtleneck bodycon dress people will think you dished out a ton of dough for.

    4. Fur-lined boots to keep your feetsies nice 'n toasty at a fraction of the cost compared to the price of UGGs.

    5. A Clueless-esque drop waist number Cher herself would have in her closet, guaranteed.

    6. A slouchy pom pom beanie to take with you on all your winter adventures — even if that adventure is to the cute coffee shop down the street.

    7. A fuzzy and very trendy fleece jacket that'll make you feel like you're being hugged by a teddy bear, and who doesn't want that?!

    8. A loose-fit knit sweater to pair with leggings on the days when you want to look cute, but don't want to try.

    9. Cozy crew socks so cute, you won't want to cover them up with boots.

    10. A classic turtleneck that's perfect for layering, so ya might as well grab it in a few neutral colors and have something to wear literally every day of the week.

    11. And because we 👏 love 👏 to 👏layer 👏, a micro-fleece vest to add a pop of print. Oh, and to keep you warm...that too.

    12. Crochet boot socks that sit at the top of the boot so your cutest pair can actually fit around your calves; a genius invention if you ask me.

    13. A dress version of a classic ugly Christmas sweater, which is honestly so adorable it doesn't even deserve to be called ugly.

    14. Ankle booties with a lace-up detailing on the side sure to ~tie~ your winter OOTD together.

    15. A plaid scarf you can wear all winter long thanks to its versatility. It's so charming and affordable, I think I ~shawl~ buy one in every color!

    16. A fleece pullover featuring an asymmetrical neckline for anyone in need of a comfy but stylish outfit to run errands in.

    17. A button-up cardigan made in a soft cotton blend that you can easily slip under your winter coats. 'Tis the season of layering after all.

    18. An asymmetric button-neck dress that'll have you feeling snug and chic — which is the best combination out there.

    19. A lightweight parka with a cinch waist and faux fur hood you'll want to burrow in on chilly days.

    20. Knee-high, chunky-heel boots that *look* expensive as hell, but are actually super affordable so you can buy a pair in every color.

    21. A leopard print duster cardigan, because a sweater this cute deserves to be in your closet.

    22. A vintage-style dress to twirl right into the new year with. It's adorable with or without tights, so it'll ~seamlessly~ transition into spring, no problem.

    23. A drapey blouse with detailed sleeves — aka, the statement-making top that can be worn around the office and then paired with a warm coat when you need to head outdoors.

    24. A simple pashmina scarf available in TONS (and I mean tons) of colors you need to stock up on, stat.

    25. A comfy, go-everywhere sweatshirt dress that'll give all your fave tees and hoodies a run for their money.

    26. An oversized cardigan to live in all winter long. Really, just pack your bags now.

    27. A long-sleeved bodysuit because your back shouldn't face the wrath of frigid air in the event your shirt becomes untucked.

    28. A faux-leather moto jacket to rock on those warmer winter days or with added layers so you never have to take this beauty off.

    29. A quilted vest you can slip over basic shirts and under jackets that'll give you extra warmth *and* style.

    30. AND! A tunic shirt with a lace accent at the bottom for adding a fun pop of detail when worn with your new vest, *nudge nudge*.

    31. Fleece-lined leggings so soft and warm, you'll actually want to go out and brave the cold. Maybe.

    32. Speaking of leggings, an adorable velvet chenille dress that'll pair perfectly with a pair and some OTK boots.

    33. And! Over-the-knee boots that prove you don't have to sacrifice an entire paycheck to stay on trend.

    34. A super-soft flannel shirt that'll look just as good with a skirt as it will with jeans. We love versatility, yes we do.

    35. A faux leopard coat so you can make the most out of the best trends of 2018 — without *spending* the most.

    36. Go-with-everything riding boots that'll compliment any ensemble. Think: leggings and an oversized sweater, jeans, skirts and tights — I can keep going!

    37. And lastly, a striped knit cardigan in a variety of colors so you have one for both your neutral and vibrant outfits.

    It may be freezing cold out but you look hot, hot, hot.

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