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    25 Things For Anyone Who’s Always In The Middle Of A “The Office” Rewatch

    Dundie Awards, "Dwigt" pins, Serenity by Jan candles, and sooo much more — but no $200 plasma TV, sorry.

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    1. An actual, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing Dundie Award you deserve to own for having the whitest sneakers, AND for being the hottest in the office/the bus(h)iest beaver.

    2. A Prison Mike car air freshener so bad smells stay far, far away from your well as the dementors. Yo, that really is the shizzle.

    3. A set of stickers from the most iconic scenes — and you need them all. Did I stutter?! I said you needed them ALL!!!

    4. A Dunder Mifflin baseball cap so you can go out and kick some corporate butt at your next office baseball league game.

    5. A pumpkin Dwight pin to remind you to pause before you do something and ask yourself, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, you do NOT do that thing.

    6. A T-shirt that'll give you the confidence to go out and start your own paper company and then trick your old company into buying out your secretly failing startup — or somethin' like that.

    7. An iconic pillow for adding some no-nonsense charm to your couch. Anyone who walks into your house and reacts is a person you want to keep around!

    8. A Dunder Mifflin version of Guess Who so you can take game nights to an entirely new level. Well, happy birthday to you — sorry your parties are *not* lame.

    9. And! CLUE, The Office edition where your entire job, besides being assistant TO the regional manager, is figuring out *who* killed Toby Flenderson, with *what* office weapon, and *where* in Dunder Mifflin the crime took place.

    10. A Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute bobblehead to display alongside your stapler-in-jello. Perfectenschlag.

    11. A cute alphabet poster where each letter represents a special/hilarious moment from the show. *Swoons and also tears up* at the letter N.

    12. A decal set for anyone who knows the three pillars of life... The THREE things that keep this world turning: Bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

    13. Or! If you want to rep bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica in your every day life (completely fair, and honestly expected), a soft cotton T-shirt starring an adorable bear. This tee really has it all.

    14. A very simple and must-have mug so you can continue to practice your swallowi—THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

    15. A not-your-average "in this house" print that'll probably catch your guests off guard — but you won't care! You want people to be afraid of how much they love you.

    16. A graphic tee featuring a classic Michael Scott quote. In this shirt, you can be the version of yourself — the best boss...and the best improv actor. <3

    17. A "Serenity by Jan"–inspired candle you can actually customize with your favorite scent and color, and even a personal label. I think had Jan offered up custom candles like this, more people would have invested that 10K — just sayin'!

    18. A Schrute Farms tank you'll definitely need this summer because it definitely ~beets~ all the white tees sittin' in your closet.

    19. An iconic sign so evvveeeryone knows where your loyalty lies. Stick it on your door, put it on a cake, or dare I say your George Foreman grill!!!

    20. The entire series of The Office on DVD because you just can't trust anyone, especially corporate giants, to keep your favorite show on streaming services. Now you can have the show right at your fingertips, just like it is in your heart. ♥️

    21. A sequin pillow that looks so normal and discrete — oh wait! There's a Dwight!

    22. And just to keep with the Dwight theme here, a disturbing T-shirt featuring possibly the most disturbing (but greatest!!!) scene in the entire show. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive...

    23. A simple print that'll add a nice touch to your desk decor and give you some Michael Scott-level confidence at work...which could be a good or bad thing, tbh.

    24. A Finer Things Club sweatshirt that'll be perfect to wear while you snuggle up with your favorite book, or heck — while working out at Dwight's Gyms For Muscles.

    25. And lastly, a lovely card to give to the person who completes you. *Points to my person, draws heart, points back to myself.*

    The Office will forever be the best show.

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