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    Listen, You Need This $10 Cardigan Because It's Freakin' Cute And Goes With Everything

    It can easily be worn with dresses, jeans, swimsuits, and basically anything in your wardrobe!

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    Today I am going to present you a simple fact: There are few things better than a trendy, affordable, and versatile article of clothing. *Bangs gavel*. Case closed.


    And if for some reason you need further proof, I can bring forth any closet's LBD.

    With that in mind, I would like to present your closet's new staple piece! It's this $10 loose-fitting sheer cardigan that can stylishly be paired with so many outfits that are already in your wardrobe. / thetinsels /

    (Side note: I need to find out where this reviewer got their hat....)

    Now, you may be thinking, Kayla, that print will not match anything in my closet. And that may be true, but this cardigan comes in 26 solid colors and prints so you're bound to find something that matches your style!

    Talia Marie / / The Peacocks /

    So many looks!!!

    Plus, it has over 2,200 reviews and a 4.2-rating on the good ol', so you know it's NOT too good to be true!

    Amazon Customer /

    "Love this cardigan! It's so simple and cute. Wear it over a swimsuit or add it to a plain shirt and shorts to spice them up. Either way, the price is awesome and the quality did not disappoint!" —Amazon Customer

    "I LOVE THIS. I am a size 18 and 5'7 with a big chest. I worried that this wouldn't be long or flowy enough, and would maybe look small on me, but I rolled the dice because the price was right. It is so cute — long enough that I could wear it with leggings and a longer T if I wanted to. The color is great. I have gotten plenty of compliments on it each time I've worn it. It is going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe to throw over a tank." —acern

    So if you end up buying this stylish number, you should know that it looks fabulous with dressier outfits and heels:

    Kimberly Randle /

    "There were just a few tiny threads that I quickly passed a lighter over (I don't cut because that tends to make things eventually unravel), in order to quickly remove them. I wear this over my short black spaghetti-strap dresses, and also over my faded jean cutoffs and heels. It's a comfortable and a well-made piece that can be worn dressy or casual, and adds an explosion of color and style to a multitude of looks. It garners a lot of attention, too." —tigerlilly

    Or worn with a swimsuit!

    J. Myrick / / Ann D. /

    "I love this cover up!!!! I specifically got it for a trip to a Mexican resort and it was perfect for the trip — and I know I’m going to love wearing it for anything else! It’s sheer and flowy and the print is vibrant. I cannot recommend it enough! I got it in a size L to make sure it wasn’t too short or restrictive, and it’s perfect (I normally wear L in most clothes.)" —Ann D.

    Even expecting moms love it for casual looks and baby showers.

    Amazon Customer / / heather M /

    "Loved everything about this! The colors matched my dress perfectly (Also bought on Amazon). I got the medium and fit like a charm. I wore this for my baby shower, and I plan on wearing it even after my twins are born. Great purchase!" —heather M

    And here's a couple more day-to-day outfits because I adore this thing!

    Erica / / Katie /

    "I bought this in blue and ended up loving it and buying it in the green/sea foam color too! I normally wear a 2X/3X and I bought this in XL — fits just how I wanted it too. I like the shape of it and the print, and it's easy to dress up an outfit. Just be careful, I would hand wash and not put in the dryer. But aside from that, I'm happy to add these pieces to my wardrobe!" —erica

    So please, do your closet a favor and snag this cardigan in one or two (or 10) prints. I think you'll be surprised how many outfits it will instantly complete.


    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and 26 prints).

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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