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    17 Of The Best Places To Buy Candles

    There is no such thing as *too* many candles.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Otherland creates magical, hand-poured candles in beyond-gorgeous packaging. It always has its core scents, but regularly rolls out limited editions so you'll want to keep stocking up over and over again., Otherland

    Why it's great: Otherland is woman-owned and founded on the idea of merging art, design, and fragrance to create unique candles. Each candle is made with clean ingredients: No parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and they're always cruelty-free. It also offers a pick-three-pack so you can save when on your next candle haul.

    Price: Individual candles start at $36, or a pick-three set for $89.

    See all candles at Otherland.

    2. Harlem Candle Co. — a candle store with beautifully designed home fragrances that draw inspiration from the rich history of the Harlem Renaissance. Think: jazzy night clubs, musical icons, and prominent figures (hello, there's a candle named after the legendary Langston Hughes!).

    A two-wick candle with a drawn map of Harlem
    Harlem Candle Co.

    Why it's great: Harlem Candle Co. is a Black woman-owned business that takes a part of history to create gorgeous candles that evoke a sense of luxury and richness. Its candles are made with a soy blend wax, and the founder even works with perfumers to create one-of-a-kind scents.

    Price: Candles start at $15; full-size, 12-ounce candles start at $45.

    See all the candles at Harlem Candle Co.

    3. Uncommon Goods is about to become your go-to shop for all things unique, and its candles are no exception. It has fun, creative, and eccentric picks that, might I say, make great gifts.

    Uncommon Goods

    Why it's great: Uncommon Goods highlights a variety of small shops, meaning you'll get the cream of the crop when it comes to finding authentic, one-of-a-kind products.

    Price: Candles start at $16.

    See all of candles available at Uncommon Goods.

    4. Ember Candle Co. on Etsy makes darling skull candles. Please, just peep these beauties; they practically sell themselves.

    Seven candles in the shape of a skull all in different pastel colors
    Ember Candle Co. / Etsy

    Why it's great: At this woman-owned business, each candle is hand poured with 100% soy wax and natural dyes, and is totally customizable. You can choose your own color and scent combinations, and there are *tons* of scents available so it's really like you're making your own special skull candle.

    Price: Candles start at $13.01.

    See all skull candles available at Ember Candle Co. on Etsy.

    5. Anthropologie, aka the *queen* of candles, offers up a variety of heavenly options that look as magical as they smell.


    Why it's great: Anthropologie has tons of beautiful candles and holders, a variety of brands, plus other home fragrance options like incense, diffusers, and room sprays.

    Price: Candles start at $12.99.

    See all candles at Anthropologie.

    6. P.F. Candle Co. designs aromatic candles with that chic, minimalistic Cali vibe. You'll want one on every bookshelf, table, and windowsill in your house.

    Window sill with a bunch of P.F. Candle Co.'s candles, like its amber jar and terra cotta candles
    P.F. Candle Co.

    Why it's great: P.F. Candle Co. started as a small, woman-owned business in 2008. Now, it has an entire team that crafts its candles with 100% domestically-grown soy wax. Every item is tested, packaged, and shipped from its warehouse in LA. It also sell room sprays, incense, and diffusers.

    Price: Candles start at $12

    See all candles at P.F. Candle Co.

    7. Urban Outfitters is always stocking up its candle collection with unique picks that would get any Gen Z-er's stamp of approval. The options are all funky, pretty, and magical.

    Urban Outfitters

    Why it's great: Urban Outfitters not only has adorable candles, but truly gorgeous diffusers, holders, and incense. It carries lots of brands so there's always new sparkly inventory (which is good news for you, because your personal candle collection will remain funky and fresh).

    Price: Candles start at $6.

    See all the candles at Urban Outfitters.

    8. Target has tons of affordable picks and styles to choose from. From its in-house brand (Opalhouse, I see you), to Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand, you have some great options, my friend.

    A bird's eye shot of a collection of candles from Target in a variety of colors and styles

    Why it's great: Target has a bunch of in-house brands, plus other Target-exclusive collections (like Hearth & Hand!) that all have its own line of candles. You can find soy candles, large three-wick picks, and lots of affordable options.

    Price: Candles start at $1.29.

    See all candles at Target.

    9. Brooklyn Candle Studio offers up the minimalist packaging your modern apartment has been waiting for. Artists have even partnered with the brand to create dreamy packaging with notable scents.

    Brookyln Candle Studio

    Why it's great: Brooklyn Candle Studio, a woman-founded company, produces all of its candles in 2,000-square foot studio space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. In addition to its simplistic style and gorgeous candles, it sells gift sets featuring its classic candles and a box of equally beautiful matches for different occasions.

    Price: Candles start at $24.

    See all the candles at Brooklyn Candle Studio.

    10. Boy Smells dreams up candles with truly unique scents in pretty packaging. Hello, please meet the scent Cinderose: A blend of rose, orange blossom, and jasmine mixed with smoke, cedar, and birch tar.

    Boy Smells' Pride candle collection featuring six colorful candles, all with different scents
    Boy Smells

    Why it's great: Boy Smells was co-founded by partners Matthew Herman and David Kien with the dream to push candles past the gender binary and embrace both feminism and masculinity. Its new Pride collection (pictured above) adopts bright colors — a change-up from its sleek black and pink label candles — with a percentage of purchases going to The Trevor Project. The company *also* has its own collection of matching pastel underwear and bralettes; as if they could get any cooler.

    Price: Candles start at $32 (or you can get the entire Pride collection in its mini size for $102).

    See all the candles (and its underwear line!!!) at Boy Smells.

    11. Homesick sells a candle for every occasion (Father's Day, special memories, big life moments, you name it) so if you're ever struggling on gift ideas, Homesick has you covered.,

    Why it's great: Homesick always has its iconic state (and now city and country!) candles available, in addition to tons of candles for other occasions. It regularly updates its inventory with limited edition candles for tons of holidays, and its "Memories" section is filled with special options. I mean, a "Grandma's Kitchen" candle? Send me 50, please.

    Price: Candles start at $29.95 (plus sale options).

    See all the candles at Homesick.

    12. West Elm's candle selection covers everything from clean and classic, to wood barrel and funky pineapple-shaped picks. Basically, there's something for everyone here.

    Three wooden barrel candles with legs on the bottom and a gold interior where the wax burns
    West Elm

    Why it's great: West Elm has a candle style for everyone. It has 50+ candles in its inventory online including other brands, plus holders and diffusers. You can find classic designs, metallic finishes, and abstract, geometric holders. Truly, there's something for all design aesthetics.

    Price: Candles start at $9.99.

    See all candles at West Elm.

    13. NapaUncorked on Etsy transforms wine bottles into candles, and even personalizes them for your special occasions. Whether you love wine or are looking for the perfect gift (hey, might as well get two if it's both!), this cute Etsy shop is your place.

    NapaUncorked / Etsy

    Why it's great: Not only does it use recycled wine bottles to make pretty candles, it also creates custom labels and laser-engraved personalized lids making these candles excellent gift options. And each candle is hand-poured with natural soy wax and pure fragrances.

    Price: Candles start at $7.99

    See all the candles available at NapaUncorked on Etsy.

    14. Pottery Barn features lots of incredibly cool candles in a range of prices (just peep this multi-wick, hammered candle!), plus *sooo* many actually fabulous flameless wick options.

    A large metal, gold candle with a hammered detailing and a multitude of wicks
    Pottery Barn

    Why it's great: In addition to offering a plethora of candle styles, Pottery Barn has tons of flameless flicker candles that look super realistic.

    Price: Candles start at $3.50.

    See all candles at Pottery Barn.

    15. The Grommet is no stranger to innovation and its candles follow suit. Here you can find spiral wick candles, self-extinguishing ones, and other amazingly unconventional picks.

    The Grommet

    Why it's great: The Grommet features so many small shops that offer up a variety of candles. So not only can you shop small, but you can find some unique products perfect for gifts (or hey, just you!).

    Price: Candles start at $9.95.

    See all of the innovative candles at The Grommet.

    16. Yankee Candle — aka the champion of creating candles in every delicious scent known to man — has a huge range of styles and scents, including personalized options. You're sure to find a smell you love (though nothing tops "Pink Sands" — that's just a fact).

    Four Yankee Candles in its tumbler style and in four different scents

    Why it's great: Not only does it have over 150 scents (!!!), Yankee Candle also has a variety of different candle styles (think: jar, pillar, votives), plus customizable options you can personalize with your choice of scent and label. If you want your face on a candle, by golly, you get your face on a candle.

    Price: Candles start at $2 for votives, and $11 for the small jar candles

    See everything available at Yankee Candle.

    17. Witchy Wicks on Etsy crafts magical candles inspired by nostalgia and our favorite TV show moments. Look at these darling labels! Your home needs at least five of them.

    Witchy Wicks / Etsy

    Why it's great: Witchy Wicks is a small, woman-owned business, so if you love shopping small and finding adorable candles, this is the shop for you. The candles are made in small batches with 100% soy wax, and I mean, you can't deny the phenomenal packaging and heavenly smells!

    Price: Candles start at $14.

    See all its whimsical candles at Witchy Wicks on Etsy.

    Me making a wish that I win the lottery so I can buy a lifetime supply of candles:

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