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    31 Stylish And Functional Pieces Of Furniture You Can Get On Amazon

    Surprise! You don't *have* to break the bank to beautifully furnish your home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An upholstered platform bed with wooden slats and footboard so you can have a chic-looking room without having to drop your entire savings.

    2. And a highly-rated (seriously over 18,000 reviews!) mattress that'll make you and your bank account rest easy.

    3. A sleek media stand large enough for your TV, cable box, and Disney movie DVD collection.

    4. An industrial-style coffee table that can easily fit some cute baskets so you get some extra, much-needed storage.

    5. A narrow console table for displaying your best photos, plants, and books — and to finally give that empty wall you have no idea what to do with some decor.

    6. A vanity dresser and stool set because you should be excited to wake up and get ready in a place that's just for you.

    7. A pair of funky, cushioned barstools that'll add a fun flair to your kitchen while still being super functional.

    8. A stylish mid-mod sectional you can adjust to perfectly fit your living room layout.

    9. A multifunctional utility cart for food prepping or providing extra kitchen storage (your microwave can finally have a home away from the counters!).

    10. An adorable tufted standing mirror to make outfit checks easy and breezy.

    11. An actually cute storage side table with whicker baskets so you can upgrade from those plastic drawers you still have from college.

    12. A set of two trendy as hell, velvet accent chairs that can serve as seating around the dining table or at your desk.

    13. ~Acute~ geometric metal and mirror end table to add a subtle chicness to your living room.

    14. An antique-inspired iron headboard that'll have you dreamin' in style.

    15. A stunning champagne-color mirror with a medallion-stamped pattern because mirrors can and should be considered wall art.

    16. A modern, five-tier bookshelf that can easily be styled up with baskets and other small decor.

    17. An entryway hall tree to keep your clothes, shoes, and jackets from piling up into a big mess by your front door.

    18. A rustic-style dining table that'll fool your guests into thinking you dropped a ton of money on it.

    19. And a set of two upholstered Parsons dining chairs that — again — your visitors will never believe you got for such a good price.

    20. A gorgeous wood desk with a unique bookshelf in the back so you have plenty of space for all your office essentials.

    21. A sleek canopy bed because you deserve to sleep like royalty.

    22. A storage ottoman that can double as a foot rest or more seating so it's not only stylish, but useful as heck.

    23. An incredibly pretty futon (I never thought those words would go together) perfect for small spaces.

    24. A faux marble coffee table that'll make you actually want to get up so you can sit in your glam living room and drink a hot cup of brew.

    25. A narrow sideboard with drawers and plenty of room to store miscellaneous home items...or to have a massive buffet just for yourself.

    26. A mirror nightstand or end table so your glamorous taste is reflected (literally) in your home decor.

    27. A bamboo utility shelf that can ONLY be used for your plants. Ok, I am joking (kind of), but just look how lovely this lil' green family is!

    28. A macrame hanging chair so freakin' cute that you'll never want to leave your room.

    29. A simple bench with space to store shoes because you can never have *too* much seating OR storage.

    30. A mid-modern floor lamp for creating a calming ambiance — you know, because overhead lighting is awful and I will not hear otherwise.

    31. And lastly, a gold bar cart that can easily be spray painted another color to match your other decor — but most importantly, to hold your finest of wines and glasses.

    This is you every time you come home to your beautifully furnished house:

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