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    Stop Complaining About Your Loud-Ass Neighbors And Just Buy This Sleep Machine Already

    Sweet dreams!

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    Have you ever crawled into bed, excited to get a good night's rest, but been rudely interrupted by your loud neighbors?


    Are they playing a midnight game of shuffleboard? Moving out?! WHAT ARE THEY DOING UP THERE?!?!?

    Whether it's neighbors doing gymnastics, roommates coming home late, or a kind of spooky total silence, the wrong bedroom noise can leave you anxiously counting down the minutes until you have to wake up. Well, it's time to give a middle finger to all that bullshit, because this portable sound machine can help get you off to dreamland.

    The $20 sound box has six soothing sounds, including thunder and white noise, that can help drown out the obnoxious sounds of whatever the hell your neighbors are doing.

    Bob / Via

    Its small size makes it easy to bring along on trips and to hotels (which is great, because hotel bathroom fans are never loud enough to provide decent white noise). It also has optional timers in case you don't need it to run all night.

    Maybe you're thinking, "this dumb box can't help me sleep!" Maybe it won't, but it IS helping more than 2,000 people get their snooze on so it might be worth a try.

    Here's what some of the reviewers had to say:

    "Maybe the best $20 investment of all time. This little machine makes pleasant realistic full spectrum sound at any volume level you might need.

    Easy to use, small enough to fit in your travel bag, attractive, light, and great sleep sounds, make it a winner." —J. Swarts

    "I am sleeping so much better since getting the Big Red Rooster Sound Machine. We turn it on when we lay down you can hear all the night sounds like crickets chirping. It is very relaxing to lay down and close your eyes listening to this. The volume on this adjust very well and the sound is very good. This sound machine is very clear sounding and the summer night makes me think I am laying under the stars hearing all the night noises. I love this machine. I am very pleased and impressed with how well this works. I would highly recommend, it is perfect for helping you lay down and relax and drift off to sleep." —Stephanie Preston

    It apparently even helps anxious puppies sleep — like this sweet doggo with perfect paws — so what else could you ask for?! (Pupper not included, unfortunately.)

    Amazon Customer / Via

    "Love this sound machine!! It was bought for a puppy who routinely awakened at 4 AM 'screaming!' Since she started using her sound machine she now sleeps to 6 AM and awakens pleasantly! Best purchase ever (for the entire household)! The six different sounds are crisp and clear and very much authentic. Small enough to be portable yet loud enough to get the job done. This machine offers several optional timers, and comes equipped for battery operation and an AC adapter! Totally recommend this sound machine!" —Amazon Customer

    So, if the thought of sleeping in complete silence drives you to madness, or you're in need of something to distract you from the commotion outside, give this thing a chance!

    National Geographic

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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