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    This $8 Organizer Will Solve Your "I Don't Know Where To Put This" Problem

    It does waaaaay more than just store shoes.

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    Hi there. Do you have a door, $8, a bunch of random clutter, and the desire to organize? Well then β€” assuming you said yes β€” I need to show you something that's going to change your home's life.


    Also, that last part was a TRICK QUESTION β€” of course you have the desire to organize!!!

    Drumroll please... It's this 24-pocket, over-the-door shoe organizer, and it costs under $8! And ok, I am sure this was a very ~underwhelming~ reveal on my part because we've all seen one of these before, but GUYS, this thing does so much more than just store shoes.

    I know this because as I was filtering through the hundreds of product review photos, I realized that people were getting really creative with how they were utilizing this simple product.

    I've rounded up some of my favorite hacks, and I am hoping that these photos will inspire you to tidy up all the miscellaneous things you have no clue what to do with.

    So let's jump right in, shall we?! This reviewer used it for ALL of their cleaning products β€” so now there's no more fumbling under the sink in search of the Windex that wound up all the way in the back.

    Zsuzsa C. Lovasy /

    And when the organizer was too big for the door, this buyer simply folded one of the columns behind to make it fit. We stan!!

    "Love it! Love it! Love it! I bought it for my cleaning supplies. My door was not wide enough for the organizer, so I just folded one column behind the other. Perfect! And I love the clear cover so I can see exactly what is in that pocket" β€”Zsuzsa C. Lovasy

    And these people store their baby goods β€” like diapers, food, and wipes β€” in it:

    T L / / MrJ /

    "I bought one for my child's door to keep little shoes, diapers, wipes, medicines, cloths, etc. in. Then I bought another one for my other child to keep more shoes, necklaces, little toys, cassette tapes, etc. This is a perfect way to keep things up and out of the way!" β€”T L

    Here we have the world's most clever teacher using it as an indoor vegetable garden for their classroom:

    K Morgan /

    "I'm using this product to grow vegetables in my classroom. I've stuck some extra baggies in the pockets so water doesn't leak out. As the plants grow roots, I'll put soil in the pockets. So far, so good. I hope to add plants to each pocket." β€”K Morgan

    And these ~crafty~ humans filled it with art supplies!

    Amy /

    Gosh, I am riding an organizing high thinking of how much space this thing is saving!

    "Fantastic price and quality! It fits perfectly over my bedroom door. I am using mine to store yarn and felting/knitting notions. It's easy to see and find things. plan on getting more to save space." β€”Amy

    I mean, look! Water bottle clutter = a thing of the past.

    Jules /

    Ok, one more because this wonder product is saving pantries all across the world:

    Mila McClain / / Heydenise /

    "LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I used it in my pantry for snacks! I love being able to see everything when you open the door, and the kids love being able to just grab a snack and go. Plus, there are no more empty snack boxes in my pantry!" β€”Mila McClain

    And this buyer (left photo) uses it to store pre-made snacks so they can quickly grab and toss in their kids' lunches on busy mornings. Genius I tell you!

    And just to top it all off, this shoe organizer has over 2,400 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon β€” so yeah, it's legit. / HeyLo /

    Ahhh, just look at those stuffed animals! They each have their very own home.

    And I could seriously keep going with all of these review photos and the unique way buyers are getting creative with this organizer β€” but, alas, time is valuable so I'll leave you with a few more ideas:

    β€”Β Beauty products

    β€” Leggings

    β€” Baby clothes

    β€” Car cleaning items

    β€” Dolls

    β€” A DIY herb garden

    Honestly, I've never been more impressed with a simple, plastic organizer so pleeeeease go snag one for yourself and get to organizin'!


    Get it from Amazon for $7.97.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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