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    35 Products With Results That May Genuinely Surprise You

    Hard-workin' things that'll give ya the before-and-afters you paid for, gosh darn it.

    1. Reusable produce storage bags for keeping your freshly bought fruits and veggies actually fresh, so you have a real chance at eating them this time. Hello! Look at these results!

    Two different reviewer images showing how the bananas stay much fresher in the bags

    2. A miracle-working oil that'll condition your nails and soften your cuticles thanks to its jojoba- and vitamin E-rich formula. Brittle, cracked nails have no place on your hands!

    Reviewer's before and after photo showing stronger, longer nails in the after photo

    3. And! A clear, bitter-tasting nail polish to help train your brain to keep your fingers out of your mouth and kick that nail-biting habit for good.

    A reviewer before-and-after photo with a two month different of using the polish. The after photo shows significantly longer and healthier nails.

    4. A dry shampoo POWDER (!!) so you can ditch the shower on late mornings and end up with hair that *looks* like it just got a fresh wash. Hey, nobody has to know it's going on day three...or five.

    Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo and a reviewer image showing the product after it's been applied

    5. A magic carpet spot cleaner with such unbelievable results, you'll rethink everything you've ever known about stain removers. I mean, my eyes can't even believe what they are witnessing here:

    6. A no-yellow shampoo to tone down unwanted yellow hues in blonde hair so your mane keeps the vibrant, natural color from your last salon visit — you know, which means less pricey touchups!

    Three reviewer photos showing the progression after one wash and then two. The after photos get progressively lighter and less yellowish.

    7. A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets with pretty impressive results and I bet you thought your extra slimy water bottle was a goner, right? Nope!

    Reviewer's progression photos showing tons of gunk bubbling up from water bottle. The after photo shows a clean water bottle with no stains.

    8. A pedicure rasp — aka a CHEESE GRATER FOR YOUR FEET — to literally shave away dead, cracked skin and leave behind baby soft feet.

    Reviewer's before and after using the rasp, with the before photo showing severely cracked and dry feet. The after photo shows smooth, almost healed feet.

    9. A rosehip oil that'll tackle (and DEFEAT!!!) your skin's biggest woes: Dryness, flakiness, redness, breakouts — you name it. They don't stand a chance when ~faced~ with this.

    10. A powerful grout cleaner, because beautiful, grime-free grout lives under all that dirt, you just have to believe, scrub (automatic brush, anyone?), and use a little bit of this magic:

    Reviewer's before and after showing cleaner, whiter grout after using the cleaner

    11. And! An angular brush with narrow bristles for getting in those tough corners, which we all know is where grime loves to hang out!

    12. A disgustingly amazing drain snake for cleaning out every last bit of the nasty hair ball currently occupying your shower pipes so your drain can finally breathe again.

    Reviewer using the drain snake to remove a serious amount of hair and gunk from drain

    13. A Glossier brow pomade so you can groom, fill in, and thicken your brows with just one product. And it's made with a creamy wax formula that will provide extra hydration, so LITERALLY WHAT CAN THIS PRODUCT *NOT* DO?

    Glossier Boy Brow before/after model pic showing fuller, thicker-looking brows in the after photo

    14. A leather restoring polish that'll breathe new life into your furniture, bags, and shoes. Look how happy this little red chair is!

    15. A pack of pimple patches to send whiteheads to their grave, once and for all! RIP (but not) to the gross sebum that's no longer living in your face.

    Two reviewer images showing how much sebum was pulled from pimples using the pimple patches

    16. A spray gel for removing tough rust stains with a few spritzes and minimal (MINIMAL!) scrubbing on your part.

    Reviewer's progress pic of using the spray gel on their shower. The "during" pic shows rust dripping off the shower walls, and the after shows a rust stain-free shower.

    17. An at-home eyebrow tint kit so you can achieve gorgeous, fuller-looking brows at home. Not having to leave the house? That's a win-win in my book!

    Reviewer's before/after pic showing darker, fuller-looking eyebrows after using the dye

    18. A food-grade mineral oil for rejuvenating dry, dull cutting boards back to their original vibrancy. It's tasteless, odorless, colorless, and is also safe to use on butcher blocks, countertops, and wooden bowls and utensils.

    Reviewer's before/after photo after using the oil on their cutting board to restore color and shine

    19. A power drill brush attachment to deep clean showers, ovens, sinks, and anything that has unbeatable stains (until now that is!). I have this exact set, and now I look forward to my shower getting dirty, just so I can clean it...

    20. A wildly popular mascara that'll give your lashes natural volume and length with just a few flicks of the wrist, so those minimal makeup days are even easier.

    21. A does-it-all car cleaner for scrubbing every inch of your ride — leather, vinyl, upholstery, carpet, plastic — and give you sparkly, unbelievable results that honestly make me want to clean my car every weekend.

    Reviewer's before/after pic showing much cleaner seats free of bad stains

    22. A super affordable curling wand that'll help you master beachy waves, no problem. It features a ceramic barrel, which can help prevent heat damage and frizz — and this may be the best $25 you will ever spend!

    23. A headlight restoration system because drivin' around with foggy lights = bad, and spending tons of money to replace headlights = bad. This solves both of those dilemmas!

    Reviewer's before/after pic of headlights. After pic shows much clearer headlights.

    24. An eyeshadow primer to keep your perfectly blended smokey eye in its dang place, from sunrise to sunset. No more smudging, flaking, creasing, and can I get a hallelujah?!

    Reviewer's before pic at 7 am and after pic at 5 pm showing little eyeshadow smudging and fading

    25. A cooktop cleaning kit for tackling grease, stubborn stains, and burnt-on residue — you know, all things you don't want to and shouldn't spend hours cleaning up on jam-packed weeks.

    Before/after pic of reviewer's stovetop. The after photo shows a clean, grease-free cooktop.

    26. Machine-washable and reusable cloths that'll gently remove dirt and makeup from your skin with a splash of some water. Just toss in the washer after a few uses and start savin' your hard-earned dollars — no more expensive wipes here!

    Image of reviewer swatching different makeups on arm and then removing them all with a makeup cloth

    27. A hard water remover to *finally* rid glass surfaces from that cloudy film. You may end up running into your practically invisible shower door, though — you've been warned.

    Before/after image of a reviewer's shower door showing all of the hard water stains removed

    28. A wood polish for filling in scratches and nicks on furniture, floors, and cabinets. By the time you're done with this magical potion, your wood surfaces will look FLAWLESS.

    Reviewer image of their front door with half of it covered in the polish and the other not. The half with the polish is shinier and darker.

    29. A suede and leather brush that'll get the annoying scuffs and salt lines off of your favorite shoes, bags, journals, coats, and the like. Point is, stains have no room in your closet, no they do not.

    Reviewer image of their boots, one is covered in scuffs and stains and the other is clean from the brush

    30. "The Cut Buddy" — your foolproof way to get clean, precise grooming lines that are totally barber-worthy.

    31. A jewelry cleaner that'll give you ~crystal~ clear results. It removes tarnish so your best pieces can shine and sparkle again.

    Before/after pic of reviewer's ring. The before pic is incredibly cloudy and the after pic shows a noticeable difference.

    32. A handy hanger for scarves, belts, and ties. The days of digging through an overly-packed drawer are O-V-E-R, my friends.

    33. A degreaser cleaner that'll take your driveway (and other hard surfaces) from a greasy, oily mess to a clean and pristine concrete heaven.

    Before/after pic of a reviewer's driveway. The after pic show significantly less grease stains on the concrete.

    34. And a compact hair roller so you don't have to lug out a giant vacuum just to remove the mounds of pet hair that's accumulated on your couch. That's time consuming and too much effort!

    35. A pack of touchup razors that'll gently and efficiently remove peach fuzz and dirt. The blades are designed with built-in guards so they won't cut your skin, plus you'll receive an extra attachment for super precise eyebrow shaping.

    Reviewer's before/after photo showing how much peach fuzz and dead skin the small razor removed from face

    Honestly, my eyes can't even believe all these results.

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