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    28 Products That'll Help Make Traveling Easy, Breezy, And Totally Stress-Free

    Everything you need to have the relaxing trip you deserve, gosh darn it.

    1. A distinguishable luggage tag so you can actually find your bag in a sea of suitcases.

    2. Chewable tablets made with natural ingredients (like chamomile!) that'll help you beat jet lag before it even hits. Just pop one in before take-off and throughout the trip and kiss lethargy buh-bye.

    3. A vegan leather backpack that comes with handy travel features like a padded pocket for laptops and phones, a horizontal back strap that can easily slide onto luggage, and a separate pocket for power banks. But wait — this backpack *also* comes with a powerful portable battery so you can literally charge as you go. TL;DR: It has EVERYTHING.

    4. A detailed packing list with basically every item you could possibly need while traveling so you don't forget any of the essentials. Socks? Check. Toothpaste? Check!

    5. A tri-fold organizer to keep all of your important documents in one place so you don’t panic (as much) when you go through TSA and customs.

    6. A teensy eye contact kit complete with a case, tweezers, an even teensier tube for solution, and a built-in mirror so there's no need to fight over the only one in the hotel.

    7. A pair of highly-rated (seriously, they have almost 10,000 positive reviews!) compression socks that'll save your legs from aches and pains on long plane trips and car rides.

    8. A pair of stylish sneakers you can bend, twist, and roll-up to conveniently fit in your bag. The best part? It feels like you aren't even wearing shoes when you have them on, making those long airport treks a little less dreadful.

    9. A teeny jewelry box for organizing the necklaces, earrings, and rings you simply cannot travel without. Now they won't end up in a big ol' chain tumbleweed — not cute OR fun.

    10. A TSA-approved, toiletry carry-on so you never have to wonder if your plastic bag will make it through security.

    11. A ~hip~ belt pack to throw on when your shoulders are tired of lugging around a backpack. Lighten the load, keep your essentials, and look cute as all get out.

    12. A hanging toiletry bag with so much space you won't even know what to do with it all. Oh, you have a large bottle of your best lotion you wish you could bring? PACK IT UP, BABY!

    13. An Insta-worthy suitcase with 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved locks, and a tough but lightweight shell casing — sooo...more than enough reasons to justify the splurge. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    14. And! A gorgeous leather weekender bag you'll love if you're always on the go — whether it's on short work trips or just for your daily commute.

    15. A pack of shoe bags that'll keep your kicks from rubbing nasty street germs on your clothes as they're packed away. Bonus: These'll make a great addition to your gym bag.

    16. A popular book filled with challenging logic puzzles for some mid-flight entertainment that'll keep your brain sharp, even plane trips that drag on, and on, and on...

    17. Or!! An adult coloring book to make those boring layovers go by in a flash.

    18. A reliable portable charger small enough to fit in a purse, yet so powerful it can charge your phone up to five times (!!!) before it needs a recharge.

    19. A travel-size steamer you can whip out on any trip and rid your clothes of those dreaded suitcase wrinkles. No hotel ironing board? NO PROBLEM.

    20. A wrinkle release spray, because wrinkles have no place in your vacation wardrobe.

    21. A set of magical packing cubes that'll help you bring your entire closet with you (as you should!). These will organize your clothes in a way so everything neatly fits in your suitcase.

    22. A neck pillow to give you the support 👏 you 👏 need 👏 and 👏 deserve 👏 during unbearably looooooong flights.

    23. A compact outdoor blanket ideal for picnics in the wilderness, or on the beach, or anywhere that you'd want to eat a sandwich but without the sand.

    24. A Lifestraw personal water filter for removing parasites and bacteria from natural bodies of water so you can always feel prepared for emergencies, and ~go with the flow~ for the rest of your trip.

    25. A memory foam foot hammock with adjustable straps that'll give you a first-class(ish) experience, even if you're back in coach.

    26. Disposable silicone earplugs specially designed to relieve the ear pressure that can cause major discomfort as you ascend and descend. They can also reduce harsh noises, and all that ~sounds~ pretty darn good to me.

    27. A waterproof cosmetics bag you won't have to unpack because everything can be stored upright. Just thinking about this alleviates some traveling stress.

    28. And a travel shelving unit you can hang in your closet...and then drop directly into your luggage. Seriously — it easily collapses to fit in your bag and packing will never take an ounce of stress from you again!

    Happy, stress-free travels!

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