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    31 Practical Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

    You know, gifts that *won't* end up buried somewhere in the garage, never to be used or seen again.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A camping-inspired travel coffee mug so he can at least pretend he's on his way to the forest for an epic trip...when in reality, he's actually driving to work.

    Stainless steel mugs with lids and a speckled paint pattern

    2. A set of seat-gap fillers that'll protect his belongings from the dreaded black hole between the seat and center console. Simple, practical, useful — ya just can't go wrong here.

    A seat gap filler stuffed between a car seat and middle console

    3. A coffee subscription service that'll match dad up with great roasters from around the nation, and send him different coffees based on his taste and frequency preferences. Plus, there's a cool onboarding quiz he can take so he's matched with coffees he's sure to love.

    Bag of Trade Coffee with "This Coffee Was Made For You" written on the front

    4. OR! For the wanderlust dad, a coffee subscription box so he can drink coffee from countries around the world even if he hasn't ~bean~ there before. *Corny dad jokes: Activated.*

    5. A sleek, minimalist wallet and money clip that can fit up to 12 cards — which means he can finally downsize from his bulky, worn-out one.

    Sleek wallet holding a few credit cards

    6. A heated shiatsu-massage pillow to subtly and gently remind him which sibling is a pain in the neck. Spoiler, it's not you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    7. A wireless phone charger for keeping his phone juiced up without the hassle of cords. After all, dad *is* the life of the group chat so his phone needs to be charged 24/7.

    8. An eight-person tent with a screened in "front porch" to get the whole family excited — like, dad-level excited — about spending time outdoors, and keep everyone dry when it inevitably rains (which as I'm sure you know, it always does!).

    Reviewer photo of tent outside on the grass, showcasing the screened in porch portion

    9. And! A 24-piece kitchen set great for all outdoor adventures. It comes with handy things like condiment bottles, waterproof salt and pepper shakers, and a spatula so dad has all the essentials he needs to bring his grill game camping.

    Kitchen set with travel pouch open showing some of the cooking supplies

    10. A Squatty Potty — a little stool that makes other stool-related things easier. Look, it makes you poop faster. And honestly, what's more practical than that?

    Feet propped up on the Squatty Potty

    11. A set of handy kabob baskets that'll make the perfect, hassle-free kabob on the grill every 👏 single 👏 time 👏.

    Kabob "baskets" with veggies inside

    12. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey he'll end up putting on everything, it's just that delicious.

    Mike's Hot Honey drizzled all over pizza

    13. An incredibly durable wallet made from reclaimed sailcloth and heavy duty nylon — a thoughtful gift for boat dads and sustainable dads alike.

    14. A giant shower head so dad can start the day the right way: Under a calming waterfall. Perhaps this is the only right way to start the day...

    Large rectangular shower head with a rainfall-like water stream coming out

    15. Heat-resistant cooking and grilling gloves for all of dad's ultimate dinners. May he now run back and forth from the stove to the grill in complete ease.

    Hands with heat resistant gloves on directly holding skillet with veggies

    16. A custom skincare set that includes four products made with personalized ingredients, because dad deserves an at-home spa day, too.

    Four Geologie skincare bottles on the sink

    17. A sunscreen stick made to protect tattoos from the sun and prevent colors from fading. It's packed with vitamin E and aloe vera so it will give dad's skin a dose of hydration — it's what he (and his tattoo!) deserves!

    18. A wrinkle-resistant chambray robe dad is sure to get a lot of wear and tear out of. Mowing the lawn? Sure! Sitting on the porch drinking coffee? Of course! Pulling weeds? Why not, it's dad's does-it-all robe, people.

    Model wearing light blue chambray robe with removable belt and cuffed sleeves

    19. A stylish pair (key word being stylish here) of blue-light blocking glasses that'll reduce that headache-causing blue violet light from screens so he can spend more time tagging you in random things on Facebook.

    Model wearing glasses holding an iPad

    20. Super strong magnetic strips designed to hang beer bottles and keep them off the shelf so there is more room dad's fridge for the *rest* of his craft beer selection.

    21. A denim trucker jacket for the cool dad — aka all dads, because you simply cannot go wrong with a classic like this.

    Model wearing Levi's light wash trucker jacket

    22. A set of ergonomic bowls designed for couch eating — or in dad 101 lingo, to optimize his relaxation and prevent spills.

    23. A memory foam seat cushion, because there's no better gift than the gift of comfort. It's true, someone important said that at some point in history, I'm sure of it.

    Memory foam seat cushion sitting on car seat

    24. An actually affordable jar humidor to keep his small cigar collection at peak freshness.

    Reviewer photo of the jar humidor holding multiple cigars and a hydrometer

    25. A smart notebook that'll capture his best doodles, lists, and thoughts and then upload them all to his computer (where he can then email them to all his kids, obviously).

    26. A portable hammock he can easily travel with or hang up in the backyard for some professional-level chilling.

    Reviewer photo of the hammock hanging in the trees on the beach holding one person

    27. A spice set to elevate his grill game (if that's even possible) — which will hopefully benefit you when you go over to eat.

    Reviewer photo of all of the spices: Pepper habanero, fresh bay, grill master, smokey southwest, citrus pepper

    28. A windproof, Teflon-coated umbrella that will have your dad's back (also his head and shoulders).

    Product shot of the umbrella

    29. A solitary bee condo to bring *all the bees to his yard*. Dad's garden will be abuzz after installing this sustainable sourced home.

    Wooden bee condo showcasing the front with multiple holes for the bees

    30. A bedside caddy to hold a book, phone, laptop, remote control, glasses, water bottle, and whatever else your dad needs close at hand at night (midnight snacks, perhaps?).

    Bedside caddy attached to the side of the bed holding remote, book, and tablet

    31. And a digital measuring tape he's probably been ~inching~ to get his hands on so he can finally quit squinting at those extremely, teeny tiny lines.

    Hands holding and using the digital measuring tape, with the screen displaying the exact measurements

    I know it's not a sibling competition, but...

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