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People Are Comparing This $17 Eyeshadow Palette To Urban Decay's

Each palette comes with 20 gorgeous colors.

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Can a person ever own too much makeup?

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Nope! The answer is a resounding no. But as you may be aware, makeup can also be so damn expensive. And so one issue I find myself running into on the regular is the lack of finances to support my habit.

The brand behind this eyeshadow, Coastal Scents, also makes four other amazing palettes, plus a concealer palette (click the photos to enlarge).


One Amazon reviewer said the eyeshadow is "soft and buttery and lasts all day." Also, girl, you look AMAZING.

Ximena / Amazon User / Via

"Amazing palette! The price is super low compared to its quality! Soft and buttery and lasts all day! Of course with a great primer/concealer. I absolutely love it! And with this price I am thinking of stocking up just in case it ever goes up in price."


It's also been arm-swatch tested, obviously. This isn't amateur hour!

Cody Betts / Amazon User / Via

"This palette is by far my favorite palette I have ever tried. I usually buy the Urban Decay palettes... After trying the Revealed palettes I will never buy one again (plus, the Revealed palettes are less than half the price of the Urban ones). The eyeshadows are very blendable, which is a huge plus. This palette has 20 eyeshadows and is by far a steal when it comes to quality and price. I would recommend this to anyone." β€”Cody Betts

And that's not all, my friends. Lots of other customers are raving about the magical and affordable eyeshadow, claiming it's even better than higher-end palettes they've tried.

"This palette...I just don't even know where to begin. The colors are great, and so many for the price! And I'm just really impressed with the quality of the shadows; they're soft and buttery, very pigmented, and they blend so easily! There are some great dupes here for the Naked 3 palette (which everybody already knows :P) but with double the amount of shadows and less than half the price...they can't even be compared in my opinion." β€”T. Parker

"If you've been hunting down a way to buy Naked 3 but in a cheaper state (price-wise, not quality) you have just found it, dear! I honestly can't shell out $54 for Naked 3 no matter how much I want it, so instead I looked and looked and looked, and oh did God Almighty answer my makeup prayers. The minute I opened this palette and swatched these colors I nearly died. Is the quality of this palette good? Yes! Just remember that like any other eyeshadow you'll need an eyeshadow base if you really want it to stick and stay for a long time." β€”IriB

"I have really sensitive skin and can't use a lot of drugstore eyeshadows, so I was pretty hesitant about trying this, but after reading all the positive reviews, I figured what the heck! And I'm so glad I did! These eyeshadows are amazing! They are really pigmented and buildable. They go on super easy and last all night. I do have the Urban Decay palettes as well, and I have to be honest β€” I like these so much more." β€”Lizzy B.


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