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    25 Things To Help You Get Your Dream Patio Space

    There are plant items in here. And a crawfish boil table.

    1. A custom backyard sign, because everyone needs to know when they enter your patio that this is where they'll find "good food, good people, and good times."

    a wood sign that reads, "The Zabbatino's Backyard & Grill, Good Food, Good People, Good Times"

    2. A set of cutie pots you can hang on balcony railings or to create a fun plant wall, or just styled on a shelf. Either way, there will be more fresh flowers headed to your darling garden patio!

    3. String lights (obviously!!!) that'll set the entire nighttime ambience for your patio. Really, they just make everything more magical.

    patio with lights hung above

    4. A hammock chair – it was basically designed for you and all your summer reads. Really, this is a match made in heaven.

    two reviewer images of the hammock hung up outside

    5. A sail canopy to give your patio a bit of shade if it's dead center in the sun's path. Cool down under your fancy new shade with a *cracks can* crisp, cold bevvy.

    sail canopy hanging over patio hanging area

    6. A pack of butterfly stakes that'll add even more color to your already-beautiful planters.

    7. A cast iron fire pit so you can bring camping coziness straight to your backyard. Jokes on everyone, you actually *won't* be leaving your patio this summer.

    8. A crawfish table that'll turn any trash can or barrel into a primetime eatin' crawfish space. Your patio just became the place to be. What time is the boil???

    9. A three-piece bistro set with two chairs and matching table (and glass top!). This boho-meets-modern set is peeerfect for small spaces, so go ahead and utilize that 6x6-foot slab in the backyard.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    10. A vintage "camper" birdhouse you can build and customize with paint so your birdies have a way cuter house than any of us ever will.

    11. A sleek standing cooler featuring a detachable tub, bottle opener, and towel rack for keeping your refreshments chilled during your weekend cookouts.

    the standing cooler filled with drinks

    12. Glass tiki torches that can either be used on a pole or on placed on the table for some real 'squito prevention — that is very pretty might I add.

    13. An outdoor misting system for keeping your outdoor space refreshing all day long, even when that sweet sunshine is being a little too sweet. Cool down.

    reviewer image of the system installed on their pergola

    14. A set of 10-inch hanging pots with a speckled design (and drainage holes!) to house your ever-growing plant collection. No, BABE, I will not stop buying plants.

    15. An outdoor rug that'll bring your inside decor charm outside to your patio space. How do you leave a backyard like this?! How!

    reviewer image of patio rug styled under outside dining table

    16. A mini, tabletop fireplace with a chic glass barrier to make dinners and game nights sooo much better. Imagine eating around the table with this lighting up the night — ahh, it's just so quaint.

    tabletop fireplace lit on rocks and placed on table

    17. Outdoor sconces for some modern ~ambience~. So suave.

    18. A charming patio loveseat so you can bring indoor chatter and snuggles outside.

    wooden couch with gray cushions

    19. A hanging trellis that'll let you bring more greenery to your walls. And what's the motto?? More plants, always!!! Duh.

    20. A goooorgeous beveled glass wind chime because you should enjoy the fabulous chandelier hanging in your entryway in your backyard, too!

    glass wind chime hanging from a tree

    21. A set of outdoor pillow covers to bring that extra level of coziness to your furniture.

    22. A set of tall, 20-inch outdoor pots so you can continue to grow your garden oasis. How does one add a fish pond to a patio...

    two tall rectangular pots with plants potted in each

    23. A hummingbird feeder that'll give you the best backyard entertainment while feeding all the lil' birdies in your neighborhood. That's a win-win in my book.

    two photos of hummingbirds drinking from feeder

    24. A small water fountain that measures 14 inches tall, so you can still listen to the calming sound of running water even if you don't have a large space to work with.

    small spiral style water fountain with a light at the bottom to light up the water

    25. And a reclaimed wood bar with space for a cooler and/or wine fridge (you choose the style!), because your stunning space is ready for a patio-warming party.

    You sitting on your patio:

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