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    This $8 Pedicure Rasp Will Give You Disgustingly Satisfying Results, And Super Smooth Feet

    It'll shave away dead skin so your feet feel womb-worthy soft again.

    Unless you have angel baby feet sculpted by Aphrodite herself, you've probably experienced callouses, and dry cracked skin at least once in your life.

    That's why I freaked the heck out when I came across the review photos of this magic $8 Microplane rasp on Amazon. It basically removes dead skin — like actual PILES of dead skin — from your feet to make them smooth and soft again.

    This thing is so good at getting the job done that thousands of people have left reviews (and photos 😑) to share their glorious feet milestones. Really, it has over 4,600 of them on Amazon — 89% of those being five stars!

    And just to further convince you of its wonders, please examine these disgustingly amazing before and afters with me.

    Blahhh, this is a good one.

    Even if you have mild cracks and dryness, this thing can still help.

    It's... It's a cheese grater for your feet!

    Ok, last one! Let's go out with a bang (sorry!!!):

    What I am trying to say here is, it's time to give your feet the tender, love, and care they deserve.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97 (also available in pink).

    And get some good ol' fashion heel balm (like many reviewers mentioned) for $9.48.

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