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    This $8 Pedicure Rasp Will Give You Disgustingly Satisfying Results, And Super Smooth Feet

    It'll shave away dead skin so your feet feel womb-worthy soft again.

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    Unless you have angel baby feet sculpted by Aphrodite herself, you've probably experienced callouses, and dry cracked skin at least once in your life.


    If you do indeed have angel baby feet, please tell us your secrets.

    That's why I freaked the heck out when I came across the review photos of this magic $8 Microplane rasp on Amazon. It basically removes dead skin β€” like actual PILES of dead skin β€” from your feet to make them smooth and soft again.

    swanau / / Rebecca Horwath /

    I get terrible callouses in the summer (thanks sandals) so I've been looking for something like this to rid my peeling, snakey feet from all the dead skin.

    This thing is so good at getting the job done that thousands of people have left reviews (and photos πŸ˜‘) to share their glorious feet milestones. Really, it has over 4,600 of them on Amazon β€” 89% of those being five stars! / K. Kelly /

    "I cannot get over how big this thing is, it's like a huge cheese grater. I took a deep breath and started filing away at one of my horrible heels. Skin bits and dust flew off, like a buzz saw. I could not believe it. I said out loud, to nobody, 'OH MY GOD' because I could finally see the skin under my dry, cracked heels. I was able to file away all of the dry skin on my heels in under a minute each with this rasp. I called my mother in tears after because I could not believe it. I put some heel balm on them after and they are baby soft. I have soft heels β€” normal people heels. Heels that aren't scary to look at. Heels that don't get stuck to things. Heels that can actually feel what is beneath them. It's an absolute miracle. I submitted a before and after along with my review and I apologize for the disgusting before picture, but it's important to see what this rasp did. In one use. Under one minute. Unbelievable." β€”K. Kelly

    And just to further convince you of its wonders, please examine these disgustingly amazing before and afters with me.

    x0anghellic0x / / x0anghellic0x /

    "I saw the great before and after photos on this tool and figured I'd give it a try. Sometime last week, the dead skin on my left heel cracked and it had been painful to walk on. After gently removing all of the thick, cracked skin with the rasp, I took a shower and thoroughly scrubbed my feet. Once I dried them, I massaged in a generous amount of healing balm and a bit of argan oil, then finished off by putting on a comfy pair of socks. My feet feel really soft now, and I think this little tool will help me to avoid getting that thick, cracked skin on my heels again, because once was enough for me. That pain was not cool." β€”x0anghellic0x

    Blahhh, this is a good one.

    Rachael / / Rachael /

    "So, my feet were so dry and cracked. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜­ They were so sore and every time I walked it felt like needles. I had never had this problem before!! I used Aquaphor twice a day with socks on and that finally did the trick for the healing. Then I was left with this nasty disgusting dry skin 🀒. I tried all kinds of different scrapers and nothing worked! I came across this awesome file and decided to give it a try! HOLY MOLY IS THIS THING AWESOME! I literally ran it across a few times and BOOM! All that nasty dry skin was gone! Literally didn't take much effort at all. You don't need to soak your feet. You use it on dry feet! I recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to drop 30 to 50 bucks in a salon!" β€”Rachael

    Even if you have mild cracks and dryness, this thing can still help.

    Tara Dalton / / Tara Dalton /

    "This thing is amazing, I was skeptical buying this because I've always had trouble removing dead skin no matter what product I use. But I have to say that this thing really amazed me. It took all of the dead skin off my foot in about five minutes. It didn't rip or make my skin feel rough and my feet have that professional pedicure feel to them. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone." β€”Rebecca Horwath

    It's... It's a cheese grater for your feet!

    Brianna C /

    "I cannot believe how well this thing works!!! I’ve struggled with extreme callousing on my feet since I was around 5-6 years old and I was very skeptical that this was going to do much for me. I've tried the peels, battery powered sanders, drugstore sanders, pumice stones, exfoliant washes, tons of prescription lotions, and not gonna lie, even a cheese grater. This thing is HANDS DOWN the best thing I've ever used! The before picture is AFTER an application of a peel and a good half hour of soaking and a drugstore sander (so the before picture is basically the best I can ever get my feet to look). The after picture is after maybe three minutes of using the Microplane rasp on dry feet with minimal pressure. I actually chose to stop short of totally pink feet, because I was worried my feet would be sore since they’re not used to it. I love how it grabs the callous with each swipe forward and back; it prevents having to work harder than necessary.

    This thing has fixed a lifelong insecurity for me. Wish I had known about it years ago! Definitely worth the buy." β€”Brianna C.

    Ok, last one! Let's go out with a bang (sorry!!!):

    Ken Clements / / Ken Clements /

    "After several visits to a professional pedicurist and not getting the results I wanted, I looked for another solution. Initially I was skeptical of using this on dry skin but quickly realized why you do. It is similar to wood working or ice sculpturing. You have total control of the amount being removed. After a summer in Chacos sandals, my feet were out of control. This is an amazing product I'd buy again and again." β€”Ken Clements

    What I am trying to say here is, it's time to give your feet the tender, love, and care they deserve.


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.97 (also available in pink).

    And get some good ol' fashion heel balm (like many reviewers mentioned) for $9.48.

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