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    36 Innovative Products That Are Next-Level Genius

    "It's brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT I TELL YOU! GENIUS I SAY!" — Yzma, you, and me

    1. A stainless steel insert that'll transform your charcoal grill into a PIZZA OVEN. Yes, you can make pizza on your grill, and dinner is at your house!

    2. Super strong magnetic strips designed to hang beer bottles and keep them off your shelf so there is more room in your fridge. I mean, this is the kind of six pack I'm striving for in 2019.

    3. An automatic pan stirrer your arms will be forever thankful for when a recipe calls for continuous stirring.

    4. A portable, all-in-one golf cleaner with a scrub pad, towel, brass groove cleaners, and spray bottle for a ~hole-in-one~ cleaning right there on the spot.

    5. A liquid plastic melding tool to fix all those frayed cords and broken household items.

    6. A cool gadget that can turn freshly brewed hot coffee (or any non-carbonated drink, such as wine and whiskey) into an iced one in a matter of minutes — without watering it down.

    7. A delightful AeroGarden so you can finally grow your very own fresh herbs (and keep them alive!) in the comfort of your own home.

    8. A no-spill paint tray with a handle for convenient holding, and a fabric liner that ensures the only place your paint ends up is on the wall.

    9. A temperature controlled insulated mug for keeping your beverages and leftovers hot all day, whether you're backpacking across the mountains or sitting at your desk.

    10. A portable solar-powered light and charger that can actually inflate/deflate, making it ideal to bring along on all your outdoor adventures.

    11. A collapsible colander with extendable handles to conveniently catch food scraps, wash fruits and veggies, and save room in jam-packed cabinets. A space-and-time-saving product? Sign me up.

    12. A baggy rack that can clip to bags and prop them up so you can get all your leftovers safely inside without the fuss of spills.

    13. A brush spinner that'll clean up every last bit of makeup from even the dirtiest brushes AND then dry 'em — all in less than a minute. And to even think we've been cleaning our brushes BY HAND this entire time.

    14. A USB lightbulb adapter because we will no longer accept hunching over the side of the bed just to reach our phone while it's charging. Now, you can utilize all your chargers (short and long). <3

    15. Heat-resistant toaster bags for reheating sandwiches, fries, and other should-be crispy foods the RIGHT way — aka, not in the microwave where they tragically turn soggy. You can also make a quick grilled cheese with these things, you're welcome.

    16. A silicone place mat that'll suction to the table so your kiddo has no chance of throwing their food as you turn your head away for a nanosecond.

    17. A paw cleaner with soft silicone brushes to quickly and efficiently clean your very bad dog's* muddy feetsies.

    18. A convenient tray you 1000% need if you practically live in your car. It hooks onto your steering wheel so you can eat or get some work done while you're out and about. T-ball practice just got soooo much better.

    19. Silicone eyeglass sleeves to prevent your glasses from slipping and digging into your ears. Now, that's something pretty spectacular, ~eyed~ say.

    20. A double-sided, dressing aid tool with one side for assisting with buttoning, and the other for zipping up jackets. You know, because the last thing you want on sluggish mornings is to get into a war with your clothes!

    21. A pack of stemware savers because the only thing we want to be cracking is our lower back after a long-ass day.

    22. A phone attachment made just for pooches so they can work their best angles and give you some ~doggone~ adorable photos that are going straight on the fridge!

    23. A splurge-worthy wine preservation system that'll allow you — the biggest wine fanatic — to pour a glass without having to remove the cork, so you can enjoy your expensive bottles over time (and not in one sitting).

    24. A phone light featuring three light intensity settings for taking your selfie game to the next level.

    25. And! A selfie stick with an attachable tripod and Bluetooth remote that'll capture Insta-worthy pics so you don't have to ask total strangers to take a photo — which always ends up being a blurry mess anyway.

    26. A defrosting tray that uses magic (ok, mostly science) to thaw food without electricity and prevent it from partially cooking, like it would in the microwave.

    27. A digital measuring tape you'll be ~inching~ to get your hands on so you can quit squinting at those extremely tiny lines.

    28. A portable mosquito repeller that uses a DEET-free formula made from chrysanthemum plants — which 'squitos absolutely hate. Just switch this on, and it can create a 15 by 15 foot bug-free zone.

    29. A taco holder for perfectly cradling your masterpieces and stopping any ingredients from tragically falling out. And besides, don't we all need more reasons to eat more tacos???

    30. Slow-cooker liners that I personally consider a miracle in a box. Simply remove after cooking, and you won't have to fight to get off any baked-on residue!

    31. An eyeglass holder you can safely clip onto your clothes thanks its teeny but mighty magnets. Long live the days of always knowing where your reading glasses are!

    32. A three-in-one burger press for easily making *STUFFED* (think cheese, jalapenos, and omg I am hungry) or regular patties and sliders.

    33. Shower curtain clips that simply attach to your shower walls to ensure water stays on the *inside* of the tub. IDK about you, but I sure don't want to spend my mornings moppin' up water.

    34. A food slicing board with a stainless steel blade that'll quickly cut up veggies (AND CHEESE) in uniform slices thanks to its built-in measuring scale. It's literally a paper cutter...but for food.

    35. A multipurpose moldable glue that'll seal, repair, bond, and solve tons of tiny household problems. Frayed cables? Use this!

    36. And lastly, "The Cut Buddy" — your foolproof way to get clean, precise grooming lines that are totally barber-worthy. Save yourself an expensive trip to the salon and use your newfound time to get some relaxin' in.

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