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    I'm Not Kidding, You Can Win $1,000 On This Slack Channel Word Game

    "The Word Of The Day Is" is a word game challenge on Slack that'll dish out some serious money if you guess the daily word correctly.

    If you love word games, clues, talking on Slack, and winning money all with minimal effort involved, then ooohh boy, do I have a game for you.


    "The Word Of The Day Is" is a new Slack channel and daily word game that'll reward you with $1,000 (!!!) *if* you guess the correct word.

    Here's how to play:

    β€” Sign up to play with your existing Slack account.

    β€” Each morning Slackbot will post a clue for the word, as well as throughout the day.

    β€” You can guess as many times as you want, but only one word at a time (paragraphs and sentences will be disqualified).

    β€” The first one to guess the daily word correctly wins $1,000 (via Venmo) and the contest for the day!

    β€” If nobody guesses correctly, the word will reset at 11:59 p.m. EST.

    β€” And of course, "The Word Of The Day Is" reserves the right to disqualify anyone suspected of foul play (like bots), and ban anyone with racist or vulgar usernames or messages.

    Now fair warning, the daily word is harder than you think β€” after all, there are a lot of words in the English language β€” but you'll get a clue and as many guesses as it takes to win. OK, LET'S πŸ‘ WIN πŸ‘ SOME πŸ‘ MONEY πŸ‘!!!

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    Oh, where will my productivity go now that I know this game exists...

    And just to give you a leg up, you should ~probably~ check out BuzzFeed's Twitter account on Tuesday, April 30th for a potential clue. GOOD LUCK!

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