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Now That You're Older, What Advice Do You Have For Your College Freshman Self?

You're much wiser now.

I'd like to take you back to a time called freshman year of college...

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Ok, maybe it hasn't been that long. Or maybe it has, who am I to say?

Are you picturing your freshman year now? Great. Now I'd like you to think about what that was like for you.


Looking back, is there anything that you'd want to tell your freshman self?

Maybe it's to study harder? Or study less?


Perhaps you'd like to tell your younger self to have more fun and get out to meet new people?

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Social anxiety is real. How did you cope with moving to a new place and making friends?

Or to tell yourself it all works out and things will be ok?


Do you have any tips on dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that is freshman year?

Whether you just graduated, are still in college, or finished school 10 years ago, you probably have some advice you'd want to say to your freshman self if you could go back in time.

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So let us know! Your answers could help ease some anxiety for students headed into their first year of college.

Submit your responses in the comment section below! The best submissions will be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.