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    28 Helpful Products To Solve All Your College Student Problems

    Everything you need to survive cramped dorms, long nights, and life on campus.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A two-tiered, lofted bed shelf to fix that lousy no-nightstand issue. Now you can have access to your phone, books, and other essentials without having to crawl out of bed.

    2. Or if you don't have a lofted bed but like the idea of having your goods nearby, a bedside organizer that'll easily store the important stuff because trying to find the remote at the end of a long day should be against the law.

    3. A notebook with pre-filled guides so you're able to quickly jot down notes in those laptop-free classes.

    4. A laptop desk so you can comfortably binge wat— I mean, write your essay in bed.

    5. A clip-on lamp that has two color features (warm or white light) and a dimming option for those late-night study sessions. It can be attached to desks, tables, headboards, and computers.

    6. A fun sticker set that'll clearly indicate which cords are YOURS, because we all know that one roommate who's a regular charger thief. 👀

    7. Bluetooth headphones perfect for working out, bike riding, studying, and honestly just living your dang life — no more tangled cords and frustration.

    8. A refrigerator and freezer odor eliminator you'll be forever thankful for when your roomie leaves their stinky leftovers in the fridge for weeks.

    9. A set of cable clips so you never again have to crawl under your desk in search of the cord that tragically slipped behind it.

    10. A magnetic dry-erase board for easily displaying roommate duties, bill due-dates, and schedules. Now everyone in your apartment or dorm will know what the heck's goin' on!

    11. A four-piece drawer organizing set because the limited space you have should be efficiently used to store your ever-growing wardrobe.

    12. And! An under-the-bed storage container with compartments for shoes, scarves, and other clothing that you want to stow away (out of your closet!) for the season.

    13. A no-spill ice tray because if you're in a dorm, you need all the space you can get out of a mini fridge.

    14. A big ol' box of ear plugs you'll need when your hooligan neighbors are up at the wee hours throwin' parties and playin' Fortnite.

    15. A USB-powered mini fan you can take with you to the library to keep you cool, refreshed, and AWAKE during all-nighters.

    16. A teeny iron that'll remove wrinkles from your clothes with ease. It's so tiny that you'll have no issues finding a home for it in your dorm or apartment.

    17. Aaaaand, a scorch-resistant, tabletop board so you can iron on any flat surface. You won't have to worry about storing a giant ironing board — just fold it up and stow away!

    18. A small ottoman that can provide storage, table space, and seating — which everyone could use more of, TBH.

    19. A bluetooth keyboard compatible with multiple devices that'll allow you to efficiently take notes in class and not have to worry about lugging around (or buying!!) an expensive laptop.

    20. A six-foot extension cord, USB port, AND surge protector so you're completely set when it comes to charging ALLLL of your electronics.

    21. A microwavable egg maker for cooking omelets and scrambled or poached eggs without all the hassle. Who says you need to have a full kitchen to make yummy food?!

    22. An actually stylish hamper and a removable bag so laundry is a bit more bearable — aaaand so you don't have to stare at an ugly basket filled with dirty, stanky clothes.

    23. Or a set of laundry bags with directions for washing in case you forgot what your parents taught you that one time you weren't listening...

    24. A dimmable lighted mirror to give you glorious lighting so you don't have to do your makeup in a dark, poorly-lit dorm room.

    25. And a 360 degree rotating makeup organizer with tons of room for your beauty products because dorms don't come with a beautiful built-in vanity, sadly.

    26. A suede and leather brush to get the annoying scuffs and salt lines off of your favorite shoes, bags, and coats. Ya just never know when you'll have to trek across campus when it's rainy and muddy.

    27. A portable safe that'll store perfectly under your bed so you have a place to lock up important valuables.

    28. And lastly, a 299-piece compact first aid kit that can easily fit in a drawer so you always have easy access to basic medical supplies.

    Here's to making college life a little easier.

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