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    33 Super Helpful Products That Work Over Time So You Don't Have To

    Why do aaaalllll the work when these'll just do it for ya?

    1. Heatless foam rods for creating effortless waves all while you complete other getting-ready duties — or as you sit on the couch watching Netflix. Hey, however you like to spend your mornings.

    2. Labeled closet dividers to take your closet from disorganized mess where you can't ever find the one shirt you're looking for to an orderly oasis where every item has its place.

    Closet dividers with "jackets, skirts, dress shirts, and t-shirts" labels in a closet

    3. Home Chef — a meal subscription service that'll send ya everything you need for some stress-feel dinners. Don't stress about going to the store, wasting food, or wondering what the heck to make, because this budget-friendly service does all the work for you.

    A Home Chef meal with chicken, asparagus, and mushrooms

    4. A giant (and very encouraging) water bottle that'll keep track of your daily intake *FOR YOU* so you stay hydrated and feelin' healthy.

    5. A miracle-working laundry bar to save your arms from endless scrubbing and your soul from internally screaming. Tough stains are no match for this sudsy clothes-saver.

    before and after of reviewer's baseball pants that have dirt stains completely removed from bar

    6. A game-changing gum made with caffeine that's an instant solution to a midday slump.

    7. A mug warmer so you can finally put an end to lukewarm coffee and tea, and all the trips to the microwave. Slow drinkers, rejoice!

    blue mug warmer keeping a coffee warm

    8. One Pot — a cookbook featuring recipes that can all be made in one pot, skillet, or slow cooker. Dinner and clean-up has never looked so promising.

    9. AND, of course, an Instant Pot because we know you've been eyeing one so just take the plunge and make it your best friend on long work days.

    Instant Pot styled on table next to a bowl of soup

    10. A windshield cover so you don't have to spend 15 minutes in the freezing cold scraping off ice and frost. Reader, nobody should start their morning that way.

    before/after of reviewers car with cover and snow and then the cover removed to show a clean windshield

    11. A sous vide precision cooker so you can get perfectly done meats, veggies, and even cheesecake every single time. No guess work, no stress, just perfection on the first try. What is better than that?!

    12. A Glossier Brow Flick pen — aka your new favorite way to fill in your brows with total ease, that doesn't involve the intimidation of trying to sculpt, shape, define, shade, yada yada. Just flick, flick, flick and your feathery, natural look is D-O-N-E.

    13. A powerful mouthwash for quickly getting rid of morning breath. Whether or not you have time to brush your teeth is your business, I am just here to show you a great product that can help bad breath!

    reviewer image of TheraBreath bottle

    14. A fabric defuzzer to restore all your winter sweaters, hats, gloves, and scarves from those annoying fuzz balls in a matter of minutes.

    before/after of reviewer's sweater with tons of pills and an after showing sweater looking almost new

    15. An ultra-caffeinated coffee that'll give you a GIANT, COLOSSAL boost of energy on sluggish mornings — and I think we all have those days where we could use a little bit of that, eh?

    person holding bag of Death Wish coffee

    16. An emergency drain cover because sometimes it's just nice to have a completely full bath without the last few inches of hot water draining completely away — no more constant refilling.

    reviewer in tub filled up high with water and bubbles

    17. A wireless phone charger for conveniently juicing up your device while it's not in use.

    18. A miracle-working hand cream that can relieve and heal extremely dry, cracked skin.

    before/after of reviewer hands with less cuts and dry skin after using cream

    19. A multi-functional chopper with interchangeable blades to make chopping tons of fruits and veggies easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    20. Or! A rapid food slicer because it's this, or individually cutting each cherry tomato, ultimately increasing the likelihood you get juice sent straight to the eyeball. This is just so much more efficient!

    21. A buy-once makeup remover cloth that *only* needs water to work! No more running out of wipes and burning through wasteful cotton pads — you know, things that just add more stress and more work.

    22. A pack of divider sticky notes that'll conveniently summarize important chapters of the giant textbook you've been lugging around, while keeping your notes super organized.

    sticky tabs attached to notebook

    23. A miracle-working eyeshadow primer to ensure your perfectly blended smokey eye stays in its dang place from sunrise to sunset. Now you can can kiss smudging, flaking, and creasing GOODBYE.

    24. Grocery bag handles because who on earth wants to make more than one trip to the car to get the rest of the groceries or smush their fingers carrying heavy bags on each one? Spoiler: NOBODY!!!

    25. A two-spray shower head because the last thing you need on a slow and sluggish morning is slow and sluggish water pressure.

    before/after of reviewer's shower with noticeably stronger pressure coming out after installing 2-spray head

    26. An ultra creamy, fragrance-free moisturizer here to soothe and tackle redness, and irritated, dry, cracked skin. Yes, this is basically the holy grail of moisturizers.

    before/after of reviewer face with less cuts and dry skin after using cream

    27. A similar stain repellent you can use on your pricier handbags to ensure rain and denim stains never again leave their mark.

    reviewer image of a LV bag next to can of stain repellent

    28. A vitamin C serum made with salicylic and hyaluronic acid to not only help with sun damage, but prevent pesky breakouts and restore hydration.

    before/after of reviewer face with less scarring and acne after using serum

    29. A tablet holder that'll free up your hands and allow you to properly eat nachos while you watch The Office for the 50th time.

    person laying in bed with stand resting over them holding iPad

    30. A bagel slicer that'll give you that perfect, bagel shop cut, creating a perfect surface for your elaborate cream cheese spread.

    person holding clean-cut bagel after using bagel slicer to evenly slice it

    31. A double-sided eyeliner stamp that — are you ready for this — creates the perfect wing in mere minutes. Oof, these are not even close to being even, is a sentence you will never hear yourself say again.

    32. A teensy vacuum...made for your PORES. Seriously, all that ~poor~ dirt, grease, and dead skin doesn't stand a chance. Say it with me: It's time to move on out, you pesky blackheads!

    33. A manual scalp massager brush that can not only help you relax on hectic days, but reduce flakiness and oily build-up from regular use of hair products. Dandruff has no room in your house!

    34. And for a more in-depth cleaning, a clarifying shampoo you can use once a week in place of your usual shampoo to remove the residue left behind from heavy hair products.

    bottle of Neutrogena anti-residue formula

    These products gearin' up to do all the hard work for ya:

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