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    25 Pairs Of Heels Under $35 To Wear This Holiday Season

    Attention! Lots of glitter and sparkle ahead.

    1. A glittery stiletto you can rock with a dress for any occasion and dance the night away in, no problem.

    2. Leopard booties for when you want to get a little wild with your ensemble.

    3. Strappy and chunky heels that'll outshine all the sparkles and glimmer at your New Year's Eve party.

    4. A sexy stiletto with a big, giant bow on the side because the real gift this holiday season — and everyone knows it — is you!

    5. An ankle strap option that'll look just as cute paired with some fun socks as they will with a fancy dress.

    6. Vintage-style heels accented with a cute bow that I personally think are acceptable to wear every day with every outfit.

    7. A versatile pump you can easily wear with jeans, skirts, dresses — or even to a Gatsby-themed holiday party — to step up your wintery look.

    8. Pointy, wrap-up pumps adorned with a clear heel and...are these in your cart yet?

    9. A pair of faux-suede heels that will turn heads as you walk — no, strut! — down the street.

    10. A go-with-everything ankle boot featuring a two-inch heel that you can rock all day, every day this winter and still feel comfortable.

    11. An adorable kitten heel with just the right amount of height to wear to work regularly — no need to bring backup shoes to change into! Look at you, so festive *and* comfortable.

    12. A dress pump covered in rhinestones that'll make you feel like a winter wonderland princess — or something along those sparkly lines.

    13. A pair of platform heels to help start every day you wear them off on the — wait for it — right foot.

    14. Plaid ankle boots that'll have everyone ~checkin~ you out (and then asking you where they can get a pair for themselves).

    15. A pair of wedged booties that juuuust might put a wedge between you and your other shoes

    16. A pair of criss-cross stilettos to *step up* your closet's heel game.

    17. Cylinder-heeled pumps that'll make all the other shoes in your wardrobe feel like ~squares~.

    18. A pair of shiny sling-backs with a sweet kitten heel for a look almost as cute as a real kitten.

    19. Patent-leather, spiky stilettos guaranteed to make a statement — which is really the whole ~point~.

    20. A glittery pair of pumps that may put your feet in a (comfy) cage, but not you, because you can't be tamed in these babies!

    21. A pair of glitzy low-heels so you can comfortably dance the night away without a pain in the world.

    22. Striped-trim boots, because nothing screams festive like bright red shoes.

    23. A classic pump you can snag in tons of colors so you have ~options~ for all your upcoming holiday parties.

    24. Glitter platforms you are required by law to show off whenever you get the chance, because they are so flippin' cute.

    25. And a vintage-inspired heel to twirl right into the new year in.

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