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    31 Gifts That Are Almost Too Cute To Use

    A ~beary~ cute candle, avocado nail stickers, and things they'll adore so much they'll never want to use 'em.

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    1. A silicone Nutella AirPods case for that person. Yeah, the one who smothers Nutella on every food when they get the chance. Protect their tech and their Nutella obsession.

    An AirPods case that looks like a jar of Nutella

    2. An adorable bear candle they'll likely never light, because who could ever watch this cutie melt away?!

    two candles shaped like bears sitting on top of a stack of magazines

    3. A set of nail stickers with so many fun little prints, they'll love picking out what they want for their next at-home mani. Although, there are literally 1,000 in this set so...good luck to them.

    4. A Baby Yoda insulated coffee mug from the Corkcicle x Star Wars collab (the best collab ever??). It's so dang adorable they might just opt to leave it on their shelf so they can always see it.

    insulated coffee mug with a top lid shaped like Yoda ears

    5. A pair of teeny-tiny macramé potted plants (don't worry, they're artificial so there will be no plant killing here) so they can bring some greenery straight into their car.

    6. A bloom glass teapot (and possibly the cutest teapot my eyes have ever seen) for the rose in your life. This thing is so magical, there's no way they get anything else like it, which means you just got them the best gift. Excellent work.

    clear teapot with a squiggle handle, purple glass feet, and a pink lid

    7. An organic cat grass kit complete with its own kitty-shaped mug they can grow for the cat they said they'd never get but now live for. This organic grass mix will give their kitties added nutrients and prevent hair balls. Might be their favorite gift yet...

    A white cat shaped mug with cat grass growing out of it that a cat is nibbling

    8. A set of three adorable, machine-washable Swedish dish cloths — a practical yet thoughtful gift that'll confuse them every time they go to clean up a spill, because paper towels were never *this* cute.

    9. A unicorn-inspired makeup brush for the go-to beauty fanatic. With colorful bristles like these, they may never see a drop of foundation.

    A set of brushes—some are large and fluffy and some are smaller, and one is a fanned out brush

    10. A goldfish umbrella because if you're memory serves you correctly, their favorite accessories are those within the quirky department. Well, you hit gold with this gift!

    11. Color-changing lip balm created with a formula that changes shades based on the pH of their lips.

    The lipstick with a sparkly light pink color

    12. A wine sampler set from In Good Taste adorned with such cute labels, they'll never want to toss the bottles. This adorable collection features eight less-traditional wines (hello, vermentino and grenache) they can work their way through.

    13. A silicone dachshund ice try that is so doggone freakin' cute, they might shed a tear watching these angels melt in their beverage. Good thing they can just refill, freeze, and make more!

    Reviewer showing the tray with a daschund-shaped ice cube

    14. A double-layer glass to bring a teensy smile to their mornings. Just look at that face!!!

    a clear up with an inner layer shaped like an upside down bear with a face painted in black

    15. A lil' jar air freshener available in a very nostalgic scent that'll remind them of you every time they get a whiff of Froot Loops.

    air freshener in a little jar with label "Froot Loops" hanging in car mirror

    16. An adorable mini humidifier for your partner who is always complaining about their chapped lips and dry mouth when the wake up during the winter.

    17. A dozen squishy cat stress toys you can divvy up to gift out, or just give to your most stressed out friend so they always have something to squeeeeeeze.

    Hands holding the 12 squishies that look like sleeping cats

    18. A sloth-shaped tea infuser that'll be a good reminder for them to ~slow~ down and take a break.

    19. A snack container with two separate compartments (one for food, one for dip)

    The carrot container with two compartments: a longer one for carrots, a round one for dip (like hummus) and a lid

    20. Cable-hugging critters that'll hold onto their cords for dear life. These cuties' sacrifice means they'll never have to experience the frustration of a cord slipping into the depths behind a dresser.

    The cable protecting animals including a crab, lobster, turtle, penguin and more

    21. A cat tower that looks like a precious flower, leaf and all, because their precious flower deserves the ultimate perch, and this cutie is just the ticket.

    cat sitting on a flower perch with a second spot for sitting shaped like a leaf

    This darling small business is based in Los Angeles, and creates nine cat floral cat perches. I want all of them. 

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing. Larger than expected, quick shipping, easy to put together. This absolutely blew my mind in every way. I'm in love with this cat tree. I will be buying from this seller again soon. This is so amazing!!!!" —Lily

    Shipping info: Ships within a few days of order placement. Delivery between 3-10 days.

    Get it from KBSPets on Etsy for $229.99 (and see other towers here!).

    22. A terrarium candle to combine their love of gardening and candles. Please, just look at these. I don't even think I need to do any more explaining, they practically sell themselves.

    A white candle with detailed peony and cactus made out of wax
    Uncommon Goods

    The candle base is made 100% soy wax, and the cactus/peony a soy blend. They have a 30–35-hour burn time so you can soak up the heavenly scent for hours on end.

    Promising review: "I bought this and the cactus version as birthday gifts and the candles exceeded my expectations in how beautiful and detailed they were, and the manner in which they were crafted. They also smelled really lovely without having a synthetic smell. I'll be buying more as gifts in the future!" —Melanie the Candle Lover

    Shipping info: Economy, standard, and express (1–2 business days) shipping options are offered.

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $26 (available in a cactus or peony).

    23. A pack of sheet masks that'll make their next spa a ~wild~ one.

    24. An Apple Watch stand so they can conveniently charge their watch and experience some nostalgia all at once.

    The Apple Watch stand designed to look like the old Game Boy

    25. A miniature baking set with everything they need to make mouse-sized meals.

    26. Goldfish soap you can actually buy instead of winning at a carnival.

    two soaps in bags with plastic goldfish inside

    27. A set of macaron containers for a very sweet way to keep all their treasures stored.

    28. A six-pack of little animal planters perfect for both veteran gardeners and children who are just learning about planting seeds.

    pots shaped like a panda, penguin, tiger, elephant, koala, and crocodile

    29. A hippo holder that'll politely and graciously store their pens for them while not in use, and then politely offer them up when they're ready for one again. Thank you, good sir.

    30. A set of cutie, hydrocolloid-infused pimple patches sure to become a welcomed addition to the their ever-growing skincare collection. Butterfly-shaped acne patches? YES and PLEASE!

    different fun-shaped patches spread out on table

    31. A neon rainbow light that'll brighten up any rainy day — OK, at least inside the house.

    rainbow light

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