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    Posted on Nov 26, 2017

    21 Things That Will Make You Miss The Heck Out Of Elementary School

    A time when we actually looked forward to Valentine's Day.

    1. Coming to school on the first day and praying you were seated next to your BFFFFFF:

    amsd2dth /

    Or crush...

    2. Showing up tardy for this reason:

    3. Actually looking forward to Valentine's Day:

    4. But also trying to keep it cool around your crush:

    5. Flipping your shit when the Scholastic book fair came to your school:

    6. And saving some of your book fair budget to buy these eraser stick things:

    And then cutting them into tiny little pieces.

    7. Walking into gym class and finding out it's parachute day:

    8. And crying a lil' when you'd hit yourself with these jump ropes:

    9. Becoming good pals with these people:

    10. Prank calling your crush at sleepovers:

    11. Taking that book order form home to your parents:

    12. And adding everything to your order form because NSYNC AND HARRY POTTER (!!!!!!!):


    13. Using these grips that kinda saved your fingers but made your handwriting even worse:

    14. Tricking your friends at recess with these:

    15. Getting pumped up to see this face walking into science class:

    16. Or this:

    17. Wearing these smelly jersey shirts during field day:

    Twitter: @dre2smothh /

    But not really caring because you got to play outside all day.

    18. Creating masterpieces in art class with this:

    19. Or these rainbow gel pens:

    20. Bringing these to your pod and thinking you were sooo hilarious:

    21. And always ending the day by putting your chair on top of your desk:

    Joe Wolf /

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