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    27 Gadget Gifts For The Person Who Basically Has Everything

    Still stumped? At least one of these cool, niche products could be the perfect present you've been looking for!

    1. A classic digital camera with vintage flair for pictures they can keep forever.

    2. OR! A Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 instant film camera so they can take retro-style pictures β€” of you, of course. 😎

    3. A liquid plastic melding tool to fix all those frayed cords and broken household items.

    4. Light saber chopsticks so they always have the force with them, even when they're eating dinner.

    5. AND! A Death Star timer to let them know when their food is ready by emitting green lasers and playing Star Wars sound effects. TL;DR: This is the world's, no, the UNIVERSE'S best stocking stuffer.

    6. A critter catcher so they can catch bugs and other crawlies while keeping a very safe distance.

    7. A kitty water fountain because their sweet lil' (soon-to-be hydrated) cat is already spoiled rotten.

    8. A faaaancy wine preservation system that'll allow wine snobs to pour a glass without having to remove the cork, so they can enjoy their expensive bottles over time (and not in one sitting).

    9. A handbag light so they can actually find what they're looking for in their massive Mary Poppins bag.

    10. A cotton candy machine to bring the fun carnival atmosphere straight into their kitchen.

    11. A temperature controlled insulated mug for keeping their beverages hot all day, whether they're backpacking across the mountains or sitting at their desk.

    12. A Mickey Mouse waffle maker that'll make them want to scurry to the kitchen every morning.

    13. A phone light featuring three light intensity settings for taking their selfie game to the next level.

    14. And! A selfie stick with an attachable tripod and Bluetooth remote that'll capture Insta-worthy pics of them so they don't have to ask total strangers to take a photo β€” which always ends up being a blurry mess anyway.

    15. A colorful crystal ball diffuser they, their skin, and their sinuses will feel fortunate to have.

    16. A two-way camera that dispenses treats so they can communicate with their pet all day long, no matter where they are β€” aka an absolute dream.

    17. A delightful AeroGarden so they can finally grow their very own fresh herbs in the comfort of their own home.

    18. A facial cleansing brush to thoroughly wash the makeup and dirt off their face, while gently exfoliating skin and leaving it smooth and soft.

    19. A set of in-sync lamps they can simply touch to light up when they're really missing their person (you). After they turn theirs on, yours will light up and you'll know they're thinking of you.

    20. A Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch to help them keep track of their fitness progress so they'll be motivated to hit πŸ‘ those πŸ‘ goals πŸ‘.

    21. A teeny portable projector so they can turn their living room into a home theater for the next movie night.

    22. A Breville panini press that'll create deliciously brown, crispy outsides and gooey, non-crushed insides for the ultimate sandwich every time.

    23. A cool gadget that can turn freshly brewed hot coffee (or any non-carbonated drink, such as wine and whiskey) into an iced one in a matter of minutes β€” without watering it down.

    24. An automatic pan stirrer their arms will be forever thankful for when a recipe calls for continuous stirring.

    25. A smart photo frame that cycles through a gallery of photos β€” perfect for anyone with way too many pictures to frame them all.

    26. A little animal speaker with a big sound for jamming out in the cutest way possible.

    27. And a press and measure herb infuser that'll instantly flavor up their EVOO. Did someone say...Dinner at their house?!

    Look at you, the world's best gift giver.

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