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31 Fancy Gifts You Just Can't Go Wrong With

Oh, they fancy huh? They'll love these gifts then.

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1. A personal fireplace that is 100% the definition of cozy, luxurious, perfect, amazing — you know, all of the the things they are.

a concrete fireplace with a tiny flame

2. A single-serve espresso machine with a milk frother ready to make them the at-home barista they've always aspired to be. It's simple to use, easy to clean, and will help them whip up personal lattes, no problem. Oh, the coffee creations they will create...for you.

3. A Biossance hydration set featuring their best-selling skincare products that are, yup, incredibly hydrating. The repair cream, vitamin C rose oil, and algae eye cream are each formulated with squalane to provide their skin with an intense dose of moisture. And the bottles? They'll feel fancy just having those on their vanity.

The gift set with the three skincare goods

4. An assorted tea sampler box filled with teas so cute, they won't even want to drink them. This ready-to-gift box comes with 40 handcrafted pyramid tea infuser bags in a variety of flavors they'll love working their way through.

5. A marble bar tool set and matching drink dispenser for those big-batch-cocktail kinda days. (Sending this to my S.O. *nudge nudge.*)

6. And a brunch mini bar infusion kit to bring fancy, boozy brunch straight to their kitchen — and need I go on?! OK I will, even though it sells itself! This baby comes with all the ingredients and tools to make three (three!) drinks.

the brunch kit with bottles, blends, and a completed cocktail

7. Ok, and since we can take this to another level, a gourmet smoking cloche that'll turn their house into the finest cocktail bar in town. They're ready to impress with this on their bar cart.

person opening a smoke-filled cloche opened and smoke pouring out of a cocktail

8. A Miku smart baby monitor to give new parents peace of mind so they can sleep while their baby sleeps. This snazzy device monitors breathing and movements, and even allows them to control music and monitor the room's temp and humidity levels.

9. A handcrafted spice blend set to ~spice up their life and the people of the world.~ This ready-to-gift box comes with four blends great for barbecuing. I mean, chipotle and honey? They better save you some dinner!

the spice set packaged nicely in a gift box

10. A bouquet of forever flowers that, sure enough, they can keep forever. These stunning pieces are made with dried flowers and handmade so each bouquet is uniquely different.

11. A perfume sampler set if they've been wanting a new perfume, but you don't know where to even begin picking out a scent. This Sephora favorites collection comes with 13 fragrances *AND* a gift card so they can try out a bunch before settling on a winner. Then they just take the card to Sephora to redeem their full-size pick.

sampler set styled on a colorful background

12. A very beautiful smart toothbrush (yes! there is such a thing!) that'll be the *perfect* practical gift for the hard-to-shop-for. Why? Because practicing good oral hygiene rocks — and this one comes with some fancy tech features.

person holding phone with the app next to the Colgate Hum toothbrush

13. A portable, electric pellet Traeger grill featuring a 4-pound capacity hopper that'll keep up the heat for hours on end so they can enjoy slow-cooked, delicious ribs on their next (boujee) camping adventure.

The portable grill set up on truck bed with large ribs cooking

14. An earring bundle that comes with a pair of gold huggies, studs, and a butterfly chain so they can adorn their ears with some seriously gorgeous bling.

closeup of model's ear wearing the earring bundle

15. A luxuriously soft comforter to help take their new apartment from college level to sophisticated adult status.

16. A metallic-flecked toilet seat because their toilet seat deserves to be fancy, too.

A transparent plastic toilet seat and lid with metallic silver flakes throughout

17. A Maiden Home gift card if they've been wanting a furniture upgrade but have no idea where to start. Crafted by artisans, made in America, and completely customizable, these pieces are truly one of a kind.

18. A shearling jacket adorned with top-notch detailing: a cracked exterior, wool trim, matte black hardware... Will they wear anything else? Probably not. Good job, you.

model wearing all-black jacket

19. A gourmet beef subscription so they can skip the frantic trip to the store in search of high quality meat for dinner. Just a fair warning that their entire neighborhood might be stopping by once they get a whiff of this cookin' up in their kitchen.

Cooked meat styled and garnished on a wooden cutting board

20. A gift set from Harlem Candle Co. — a candle store with beautifully designed home fragrances that draw inspiration from the rich history of the Harlem Renaissance. Think: jazzy night clubs, musical icons, and prominent figures (hello, there's a candle named after the legendary Langston Hughes!).

21. A Vitruvi stone diffuser in a lovely terracotta color to keep their skin hydrated, their space heavenly scented, and their bedroom sophisticated.

the stone diffuser styled on a table

22. A sophisticated composter that'll turn their food scraps into fertilizer so they can then plant herbs. Now this is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

23. A towel warmer because nothing says, "I love you" like a device that heats up their pajamas while they're showing in the dead of winter.

The circular-shaped bin in grey with a lid and wood handle and a small screen on the front

24. A Glossier serum set ready to energize, hydrate, and brighten your skincare aficionado's skin. This magical trio is packed with vitamins for targeted results, and I am not sure who will love you more, them or their skin?!

All three serums

25. A long puffer so they can feel like they're being hugged by a warm fluffy cloud all winter. Isn't that what everyone wants during the days that are practically dark and freezing at 4 p.m.? I think yes.

Model wearing the ReNew puffer in navy blue

26. A chest filled with chocolate because you can't just get a simple box of chocolate for your fanciest friend. No, it must be a giant chest filled with chocolatey goodness.

27. A classic Chelsea boot with a heel construction they won't get tired of wearing. No really, these babies are comfortable so go ahead, tell 'em to wear them all day and all night.

model wearing the heeled Chelsea boot

28. A leather weekender bag so they can finally retire the old bag that's covered in holes and has seen better days in the smell department.

29. A charcuterie board that is what charcuterie board dreams are made of. IDK if you'll be able to give this gift away...

round charcuterie board with two layers that open up to provide more space

30. And! Platters and Boards — a helpful guide with presentation tips and charcuterie board ideas so they can pack their new serving platter with yummy foods and treats that are both savory and sweet.

31. And a limited-edition BuzzFeed X Birchbox beauty box that comes with nine splurge-worthy favorites so they can dabble with some beauty goodies without the commitment. You'll pay $62 — but they'll actually be receiving over $200 worth of cult-favorite products!

the contents of the box laid out

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