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    If Truck Drivers Swear By This Memory Foam Cushion For Back Pain, It Must Be Legit

    Even gamers, pregnant people, and those with sciatic nerve pain think this thing is great.

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    Hello, fellow humans who sit. If you are here, I can only imagine it's because you've experienced some form of pain or discomfort from sitting. It happens! We sit a lot!

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    Just think about how much time you spend at your desk, in the car, and traveling! And if you regularly experience back pain to begin with, sitting for long periods of time can feel extra uncomfortable.

    When I stumbled across this memory foam seat cushion ($25), I was legitimately taken aback at how many people swear by this thing β€” a literal seat cushion. A piece of fabric...stuffed with squishy foam.


    It doesn't *sound* incredibly exciting, but listen, people freakin' love it and who am I to judge? I, like a lot of us, enjoy sitting.

    Seriously though, it has over 6,100 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating. As someone whose literal job is to scroll Amazon, let me tell ya, that's an impressive rating! / Amazon

    "I am a 250-lb. man with an office job. My lower back near the tailbone would hurt after sitting long hours. The pain would transfer when sitting in a car or on the couch. This foam pillow took care of the pain after 48 hours. I can work all day and sit anywhere with no pain. I don't expect it to last forever, but it helped take the pain away for me. I will buy the same one once this one loses its softness." β€”Go Pack Go

    I read through tons of reviews to understand the hype around this foam cushion. According to this reviewer, it seriously helped their sciatic nerve pain:

    "I bought this for my wife who has been having sciatic nerve problems. Whenever she had to sit for a long period, she'd get numbness in one foot and aches in her low back and down her thighs. While it is still not healthy to sit in hard chairs for long periods, the pad has made a world of difference. We can go out to dinner, to a movie, etc., and she feels fine afterwards." β€”John T. Thiess

    This buyer talked about the high-quality feel of this product, and how great it is for relieving tailbone pain especially after injuries:

    Amazon /

    "This is the most incredible product I have tried, and since fracturing my tailbone six months ago, along with serious damage to both achilles tendons, I feel like I am the connoisseur of every possible 'doughnut', or butt pad, or any type of device other than ice and a heating pad. This is the most amazing product, and I have tried six different similar pads, three from the physical therapy institute that I have been working with (all worthless).

    The workmanship is a five star +++++. We have a Tempurpedic mattress and are used to the highest quality memory foam in our mattress, and I cannot believe that this seat cushion compares 100% to our $5,000 mattress. I recommend this to anyone who has had any injury, and for that matter, anyone who works in an office and sits more than 4 hours per day." β€”SF

    Like, hello, truckers are saying this cushion has helped their back during long drives!


    "I ordered this item for my husband who is a local truck driver and spends a lot of time sitting on a not so cushioned seat. Some days he can drive up to 600 miles in one day. This cushion has saved his back! At the end of the day he does not have the soreness that he used to experience. Since I sit in front of a computer for long hours I ordered one for myself that I just received yesterday. Immediately put it on my work chair immediately and has made a difference! I would recommend this to anyone who has to sit for long periods of time!" β€”Patty Preziosi

    "I'm an over the road truck driver and bought these cushions due to experiencing burning sharp pains in my tailbone area. After using this cushion the pain has gone away. The cushion has not gone flat or became disfigured in any way. The company has contacted me numerous times checking on my satisfaction with the product. I've enjoyed them to the point I bought a set for a friend who is also an OTR driver as a gift. He also thoroughly enjoys the cushions. Wonderful company, wonderful products." β€”Billy J. Lindsey

    Even gamers, pregnant people, and cats love this thing!!! /

    "I bought this because I sit in a hard wooden kitchen chair during my World of Warcraft raids, which ends up being upwards of three hours (with little getting up in between) and normally three days a week. I've tried regular chair cushions and they just end up flat and don't last long, and they also don't help with any tailbone comfort. This is absolutely AMAZING! I just ordered a second for my best friend! Besides being a gamer, I also am a writer, so I'm at my chair a lot in front of the computer. I went to a write-in at a coffee shop yesterday and it had me wishing I had brought my cushion with me! It does not lose its shape. Does not get hot (I'm a person who is extremely sensitive to heat/overheating). Does not smell bad upon arrival. Has a NONSLIP surface on the bottom! Perfect for all chairs!" β€”Shannon Villegas

    "I am almost 6 months pregnant and was having the most horrible low back/sacrum from sitting at my desk during the day. Even getting up out of my chair was painful. Since I started using my pillow last week I have not had any pain. It makes my work day much more pleasant and I don't go home at the end of the night with pain. Get this!" β€”Liz

    Of course, this foam cushion cannot fix the cause of your pain, but hopefully it can give you a bit of dang relief. Now, go relax!

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    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Get it from Amazon for $25.45, and the matching back cushion for $24.95.

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