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This Housewarming Gift Made Me Feel Like An Adult

Don't worry, I kept my mismatched cat mugs.

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By the time I moved to New York City last fall, three months after graduating from college, I had accumulated a random assortment of cheap dishes, plastic cups, and a variety of mismatched plates that I accidentally packed up from different roomies over the years (sorry!). My collection of mugs alone included like, seven different cat mugs, one from Waffle House that inexplicably ended up in my cabinet, and a customized mug featuring my family's embarrassing Christmas photo from 2009. For basically my entire life, I never gave much thought to my ~eclectic~ collection of dinnerware. It got the job done and that was good enough for me.

That is, until my boyfriend’s mom bought me this beautiful set of matching dishes as an apartment-warming gift.

It's a 16-piece set from Bed Bath & Beyond that costs $79.99 (though it's currently on sale for $55.99). The mugs, bowls, and plates are a very light blue (they almost look white IRL, and I love the subtle coloring) with scalloped edges and ornate detailing.

After unpacking my new dishware, I said my warm goodbyes to my collegiate cups and mix-and-match plates. I simply didn’t have enough room for everything in my tiny kitchen, but in all honesty, I don’t miss them!

My new dishes are so pretty; I truly feel fancy just having them in my cabinets.

Kayla Suazo

Having beautiful, matching dishes is such a small thing, yet it somehow made me feel more confident in my move to New York — like I am making a productive step toward this thing we call “adulting.” Moving to a new city, learning to live on my own, and finding a job was chaotic and hard as hell, but my dish set helped me feel more permanent and settled in my apartment. Maybe it’s silly, but after an eight-hour work day — often followed by seeing friends and/or calling my mom — the act of coming home, making dinner, and eating on my fancy dishes just makes me feel good. Plain and simple.


Just look at how nice my pineapple salsa pork chops look on that plate!

Kayla Suazo

And while I never questioned serving my friends coffee in my no-rhyme-or-reason mugs before*, I found a new feeling of accomplishment when I handed them their drinks in a vessel I felt proud and excited to own. When I curl up on the couch in the mornings, with my matching mug of coffee and plate of pecan pie (because it's fall and pecan pie is great with coffee, ok?), I feel like I am starting the day off on the right foot.

*Don't worry, I kept the cat mugs and the awkward family-photo one.

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