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Updated on Jul 16, 2018. Posted on Jul 13, 2018

Tell Us What Mood You're In And We'll Give You A Damn Good Cocktail To Try

You get to take a cool quiz *and* get a boozy drink recipe.

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Take the quiz and then scroll to the bottom to get *all* the yummy cocktail recipes.

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  1. Pick an emoji that
    best describes
    your current mood:

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  2. which outfit matches how you're feeling?

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  3. choose a movie you want to watch right now:

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  4. Which song accurately
    depicts your feelings in this moment?

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  5. select an animal that reflects your mood:

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  6. and finally, pick a place where you want to drink your new cocktail


Didn't love your result? No worries, there is plenty of booze to go around, friends! Here are the rest of the results and the recipes:

Celery Snapper

Rutte Distillery

I would just like to say you have to experience this celery gin at least once in your lifetime. Rutte is a small distillery located in the Netherlands and led by master distiller, Myriam Hendrickx — aka a badass woman taking over the spirit world with her unique twist on gin. So please do yourself a favor and get this on your bar cart, stat!

Get the recipe here, and Rutte's celery gin from Drizly for $26.99+.

Spring Sangria Slush

Is it acceptable to have one of these every day until summer is over?! It's so beautiful. This slush is made with ABSOLUT Elyx — a new and improved version of its predecessor. The wheat used to create it comes from a single estate where sustainable farming is practiced and water is locally sourced to reduce environmental impact.

Get the recipe here, and the Absolute Elyx from Drizly for $21.99+.

Wine of Wyoming,

This delicious and refreshing whiskey drink is made with Savage and Cooke's Burning Chair Bourbon. This bourbon is finished in wine barrels (!!!) and then packaged in the coolest bottle I think I have ever seen. I finished a bottle of this and left it on my bar cart because it was too unique to recycle.

Get the recipe here, and the bourbon from Drizly for $46.99+.

Best Damn Spirited Butter Pecan Shake

I'd like you to close your eyes and imagine a drink that combines boozy sweet tea, Scotch, and ice cream. What a thought, yes? This fun take on a root beer float is concocted with Best Damn Sweet Tea, but can easily be substituted with root beer if that's more your style.

Get the recipe here, and browse the best scotch on Drizly.

Franny & Joe

Ya know, there are just some days when you're fed up and exhausted. That's when you make some cold brew, add in a few ingredients, and then splash (or heavily pour depending on the day you've had) some Frangelico's hazelnut liqueur. It's crafted with hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of northern Italy so you know it's the good stuff.

Get the recipe here, and the liqueur from Drizly for $19.99+.

French Martini

Hello, are you feelin' yourself today? Cool — me too! This French martini is made with Chambord's raspberry liqueur which just sounds flirty and fun. Plus, this liqueur itself is produced in the French province of Chambord in a chateau... so a real freakin' castle!!! You'll be the royal hottie you were always meant to be when you sip on this.

Get the recipe here, and have the vodka delivered straight to your door with help from Drizly.