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    19 Interesting Classes From Coursera You Can Get For 10% Off

    From coding to virtual reality to Excel (time to finally live up to that resume skill), you can learn something new in just a few months.

    If you've ever thought, "Hey, I'd learn to love something new," then do I have something for you. Coursera is an online learning platform that offers over 3,600 courses, and right now you can get 10% off on some of their really cool and valuable classes.

    1. Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization

    2. Excel Skills for Business

    3. Web Design for Everybody (Basics of Web Development and Coding)

    4. Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

    5. Digital Marketing

    6. Architecting with Google Cloud Platform

    7. Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices

    8. Graphic Design

    9. Entrepreneurship

    10. UI/UX Design

    11. Social Media Marketing

    12. Creative Writing

    13. The Science of Well-Being

    14. Web Applications for Everybody

    15. Developing Your Musicianship

    16. Game Design and Development

    17. Design Thinking for Innovation

    18. Virtual Reality

    19. Introduction to Marketing: Business Foundations Specialization

    Again, just click the link to any of the courses above and the 10% will be applied at checkout!

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