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    PSA: You Can Now Register For Your Wedding At Costco

    How do I get a fiancé/baby ASAP?

    This is not a drill! I repeat, NOT A DRILL. The most wonderful place on the planet, aka Costco, is now offering wedding and baby registries!

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    Costco has teamed up with so soon-to-be parents and couples could add all of their desired gifts to one universal gift registry.

    The process is super simple. First head to the Costco Gift Registry site and sign up.

    You can select baby, wedding, or other occasion for your registry type. You can literally open yourself a registry for ANY REASON!!!

    Once you're registered, go click crazy!!! You can select from Costco's top picks, like this cappuccino coffee maker:


    Ok, it's like a cool $2,399 but it's your registry — dream big!!!

    You can add freakin' cheesecake to your registry. CHEESECAKE!

    Or a massage chair!

    The only catch is that some products are only available for current Costco members to register for.

    But! You DON'T have to be a member to sign up for your own registry.

    As long as there is an "Add to Registry" button and no "member only item" mention in the description, you're good to go!

    Costco, we do not deserve you!!!