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    27 Beyond Cool Etsy Shops You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Tea bags in the shape of clouds? Does it get any better?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. WoodLife Prints makes custom wood prints for a truly memorable gift. A piece from this shop that's this sweet and sentimental is must-gift option. It's just ~written in the stars~.

    Natural wood board with round star chart and personalized with a name and date
    Wood Life Prints

    WoodLife Prints is based out of San Diego, CA.

    Price range: $21.95β€”$64.95

    See more custom wood prints at WoodLife Prints.

    2. Pastry Made β€” a must-bookmark shop for the baker at heart. This incredible shop sells embossed rolling pins with intricate designs of favorite characters, animals, and so much more.

    Pastry Made / Etsy

    Pastry Made is based out of Warsaw, Poland.

    Price range: $7.95β€”$24.95

    Check out all of their imaginative rolling pins at Pastry Made.

    3. Lobo Floral Market takes gorgeous flowers, dries them, and then arranges beyond stunning of bouquets, so you snag some sweet florals that'll actually last past a week.

    huge bouquet of dried florals in red and pink tones
    Lobo Floral Market / Etsy

    This darling shop is based out of Fallbrook, CA.

    Price range: $25β€”$200

    Check out all of their dried floral arrangements at Lobo Floral Market.

    4. The Little Avocado is a pastel-admirer's dream shop. Filled with flirty blankets, cutesy cowgirl stickers, and inventive macrame, there is surely something unique in here for your gift recipient. Good job, you. Good job.

    blanket with a cowgirl and cow skull in a pastel color palette
    The Little Avocado / Etsy

    This shop is based out of Los Angeles, and also has a "ready to ship" section, so you can get a gift soon!

    Price range: $4β€”$225

    See more fun things at The Little Avocado.

    5. Tea Heritage creates darling little tea bags filled with different flavors like jasmine, Earl Grey, and pumpkin chai. Ah, just peep that hummingbird!

    Tea Heritage / Etsy

    Price range: $8.50β€”$120

    Check out all of their cute products at Tea Heritage.

    6. SoGloss designs epic nail wraps for an easy mani at home that seriously looks professional. The store has over 100 designs, so you've got options.

    SoGloss / Etsy

    Price range: $8β€”$18

    Check out all of their cute products at SoGloss.

    7. Sew Botanical offers DIY kits and PDF patterns so you can create fun hand-embroidered art that belongs on every wall and on every pillow. Embroidered everything!

    embroidered pattern of southwest desert
    Sew Botanicals / Etsy

    Just keep in mind their PDF patterns are available for download, nothing ships! The shop does have individual kits with supplies available for purchase.

    Price: $14.18β€”$39.98

    Check out all of their great stuff at Sew Botanicals.

    8. Pickle Dog Designs sells a bunch of cutey, eclectic handmade goods. You can find anything from doxie magnets, to thank you and recipe cards, and jewelry.

    Pickle Dog Designs / Etsy

    Price range: $0.50β€”$25.50

    Check out all of their cute products at Pickle Dog Designs.

    9. GiFlynn Designs takes your sweet, sweet pet child and paints a custom portrait of them on a denim jacket. Please, could you ever wear anything else?! Absolutely not.

    denim jacket with a hand-painted portrait of a dog and their name Queso spelled out
    GiFlynn Designs / Etsy

    The shop also offers custom T-shirts, sweaters, and totes.

    Price range: $18.86β€”$252.31

    See all of their great stuff at GiFlynn Designs.

    10. Katie Abey's store description is literally: "Positive things for proud weirdos" β€” and colorful, sparkly, and positive things there are! *This* is the place to find all the bright, sassy goodness your life needs.

    Katie Abey / Etsy

    You can find quirky pins, mugs, notebooks, art prints, jewelry, and more!

    Price range: $3.90β€”$10.40

    See more of their lovely trinkets at Katie Abey.

    11. Skin Foodie specializes in skincare and beauty using raw organic ingredients your skin will love to soak up.

    Skin Foodie / Etsy

    Products range from charcoal face soap to coffee scrubs β€” and they *all* come in darling packaging.

    Price range: $6β€”$68

    Check out all of their pretty goods at Skin Foodie.

    12. Silk Suds Shop creates the most gorgeous artisan soaps I think I have ever seen, in addition to other heavenly body products like lotions and perfume oils. BUT THE HAND SOAP! Just look at this beauty:

    black and gold swirled soap with dry flyers attached to side
    Silk Suds Shop / Etsy

    Price range: $2β€”$75

    Check out the rest of their handmade soaps and lotions at Silk Suds Shop.

    13. Hangout Lighting crafts made-to-order fixtures that are quirky and modern. You can choose from hundreds of colors, hardware finishes, reclaimed wood, and antique and LED Edison bulbs so you get a one-of-a-kind piece that's uniquely yours.

    Hangout Lighting / Etsy

    They have everything from wall sconces to elaborately gorgeous chandeliers, and simple things like hardware and wire.

    Price range: $1.50β€”$1,844

    Check out all of their stunning light fixtures at Hangout Lighting.

    14. The Quote House has both quote painting prints and custom options so you can properly honor your Fleetwood Mac passion *or* create something personalized just for you.

    print with florals and text "time makes you bolder"
    The Quote House / Etsy

    Price range: $7β€”$150

    Check out the rest of their prints at The Quote House.

    15. Creepy Gals β€” your new favorite spot for all things equally creepy and wonderful. C'mon, a shop with a Barbara from Beetlejuice enamel pin? Creepy gals get it.

    Creepy Gals / Etsy

    You can snag shirts, pins, keychains, bags, prints, and more.

    Price range: $2β€”$30

    Check out the rest of their adorably creepy things at Creepy Gals.

    16. The Parlor Apothecary sells Victorian-inspired perfume, cologne, and skincare β€” and all I'm saying is you need to get one of these beauts on your vanity stat.

    tiny perfume bottle next to an old photo
    The Parlor Apothecary / Etsy

    They also offer Very Cool gift sets and jewelry, making this a great stop to add to your gifting list.

    Price range: $6β€”$85

    Check out of all their incredibly cool products at The Parlor Apothecary.

    17. Art 2 The Extreme transforms regular ol' crayons into custom name gift sets, donuts, and other fun things. This, my friends, is art in itself!

    Art 2 The Extreme / Etsy

    You can find all sorts of adorable gifts, personalized or not!

    Price range: $4.80β€”$99.95

    Check out all of their crayons at Art 2 The Extreme.

    18. Colorinch is your one-stop-shop for all your celebrity sticker needs. Grab your Dwight pick and Don sticker for your water bottle right this second.

    Colorinch / Etsy

    Colorinch also has phone cases, prints, and cards!

    Price range: $2.91β€”$22.61

    Check out the rest at Colorinch.

    19. Grrrl Spells has all the spoopy queer art and accessories your heart could ever desire. Iron patches? Yes. Socks, shirts, and stickers? Triple yes.

    clothing patch with stars, hands, rainbow, and "the future is queer"
    Grrrl Spells / Etsy

    Price range: $1.87β€”$8.99

    Check out all of their spectacular pieces at Grrrl Spells.

    20. Ideal Stencils sells reusable wall decor and art stencils so you can get extra creative with your next home project. Go ahead, add a little flair to those kitchen walls and bathroom floors.

    Ideal Stencils / Etsy

    Price range: $4.54β€”$103.96

    Check out all of their stencils and Ideal Stencils.

    21. Gratia Box Co. assembles cute and simple, all-occasion gift boxes β€” perfect for when you're out of ideas but still want to be thoughtful.

    gift box open with mug, scrub, and tea
    Gratia Box Co / Etsy

    They everything from happy birthday boxes to new homeowner gifts.

    Price range: $28β€”59

    Check out all their boxes at Gratia Box Co.

    22. Promenade Field personalizes mugs, bag, and decor with art that resembles you, your family, best friend, dog β€” whoever you want. *Immediately orders one for all of my siblings.*

    Promenade Fields / Etsy

    Price range: $12β€”$69

    Check out all of their personalized items at Promenade Fields.

    23. Happy Little Folks handcrafts sustainable wooden toys so truly adorable (and pretty!) you won't mind leaving them out in the middle of the living room.

    Happy Little Folks / Etsy

    Price range: $36.39β€”$51.34

    Check out all their cute toys at Happy Little Folks.

    24. Calicutts Spice Co. whips up delicious spice blends with small batches of freshly sourced ingredients. Each spice has a detailed flavor profile so you'll and suggestions on how to best use it. I am drooling already.

    a variety of spices in jars styled on a table
    Callicuts Spice Co. / Etsy

    They have great blends like Indian garam masala, adobo, southwestern taco, and so many other options β€” including sets!

    Price range: $6β€”$72

    Check out all of their mouthwatering spices at Callicuts Spice Co.

    25. Hereafter laser cuts gorgeous wooden stationery and keepsakes you can customize with personalized messaging. I mean, these intricate details are...*swoons*.

    Hereafter / Etsy

    You can find stunning cards, keepsake boxes, journals, guestbooks, and more.

    Price range: $15β€”$118

    Check out all of their incredible work at Herafter.

    26. Lovely Earthlings sells prints, totes, and journals with equally colorful and fierce illustrations you'll want to plaster all over your house.

    illustration of Black woman watering plants
    Lovely Earthlings / Etsy

    Price range: $6β€”$67.69

    Check out all of their illustrations at Lovely Earthlings.

    27. And Oake & Ashe is your go-to spot for all things weaving. This adorable shop sells weaving looms and supplies, including a range of starter kits so you can pick a new hobby, no problem.

    tote bag with everything needed to start weaving
    Oake & Ashe / Etsy

    You can find looms, heddles, tools, and other accessories.

    Price range: $2.55β€”$269.99

    Check out all of their weaving kits and supplies at Oake & Ashe.

    Ugh. Nothing beats a good Etsy find.

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